LaborX is a freelance platform for on-demand employment that allows you to get paid in cryptocurrency


Are you looking for a client looking for freelancers? Or are you a freelancer looking for a gig that matches your skills and pays you a good amount? Yes, then you’re at the right place. 

Do you know about LabourX? Yes, Great.

No? No issues by the end of this article you will get to know about this employment platform. 

With more and more people getting tired of 9-5 jobs, they’re looking for freelance opportunities that allow them to work from anywhere at any time. One of the main reasons why many people are choosing freelance over the office is because they can become their own boss and enjoy the opportunity to break free from the regular office jazz. They can work from any part of the world. So with more people taking interest in freelance, there is a need for a platform that connects the clients and freelancers and provides them with a favorable environment where they can connect and work together.

If you’re also looking for such a platform then is perfect for you.

Curious about this freelance platform? Then what are you waiting for? Let’s jump straight to the topic.

What is LaborX?

As mentioned above LabourX is a freelance platform that helps freelancers in finding a job that fits their skills. The primary purpose behind creating this platform is to help freelancers and clients connect. One of the main concerns for a freelancer is to find a job that is related to their skills. And the increase in the number of freelancers has given rise to freelance platforms. But one thing you must remember is that if there is good there is bad too. So the freelancers want to stay away from scammers and connect with genuine employers who will pay them. 

These are the challenges a freelancer has to go through. However, on the other side, companies are also looking for talented individuals in a particular skill who will finish their work on time with the best quality. Many freelancer platforms are genuinely working to improve the connection and satisfy both freelancers and companies. One such company is LabourX. 

Wanna know the coolest thing about this platform? 

It pays you in cryptocurrencies. 

Yup, it is true, shocked?  

One can say that this platform is visionary and understands the trends better than anyone. As you know the digital payments have become the new normal and people are willing to make digital payments rather than carry cash around. One of such safe and secure currencies are cryptocurrencies. And experts say that you will see cryptocurrencies conquering the financial markets in the future. As they are not controlled by financial institutions or government people are taking more interest. By paying low commissions you will find high paying jobs.

Why LaborX?

Although there are many freelance platforms out there. They have many disadvantages such as high fees, scammers, payment issues, etc that need to be cleared. As you see there is a need for a platform that overcomes such issues. LaborX is the answer to all such platforms. Because the payments are made through cryptocurrencies so there is no middleman or unnecessary fees. Sounds cool right? It charged 1% contract fees for customers and 5% for freelancers on the total contract fee. This platform comes with amazing features that protect the freelancers and the clients. And helps them in finding exactly what they’re looking for. 

Digital Contract

LaborX allows the users to set their ideal working conditions such as payment methods, deadlines, etc with the contract module. There are so many freelance platforms that offer you jobs that suit your skills. But there are not many that provide you with a contract. As you see both the freelancers and companies should have a connection and understand each other and set working conditions to work without any concerns. LaborX also provides you with a digital escrow. It protects the financial relationship between the freelancers and the company as it locks the payment when the digital contract is signed. This way the freelancers don’t have to be worried about payment defaults. The payments will be released once the project is finished and accepted by the client.


Next is the reputation module. This module offers a feedback system and protections. It will help the users in finding the best clients and freelancers. Wondering how they do it? With the help of an algorithm. Yup, you heard it right, their algorithm takes into consideration the education, previous experience, reviews, finished projects, etc. They are weighted according to the relevance and importance of the variables. With all these factors into consideration, they will find the best freelancers or clients for the users to work with.

Dispute service

When two people are working together there are chances that disputes may occur between them. It may be due to the quality of the work or payments, etc. LabourX is ready to handle the disputes too. Their dispute services will help the users in handling the issue at hand. Whenever the dispute occurs they can employ the dispute service, either they can suggest a mediator or the LaborX can provide them one. So they can be assured that their side will be heard and the dispute will be resolved.

How to find a job if you’re a freelancer?

It is not hard for you to find a job with LaborX. Below mentioned steps will take you through the process. Hope you find the job you’re looking for.

Step1: First things first, once you have created the account. Log-in to your account and search for the different offers that match your skills.

Step2: Once you find a job that interests you then the next step is to apply for the job. And it will not take a lot of time. In a few clicks, you can apply for the job. 

Step3: Then comes the part to sign your contract. This platform allows you to set your working conditions with a contract module. Sign the contract and dive into your work.

Step4: Work from anywhere at any time. The privilege of working from anywhere you want comes with freelance but make sure that you follow the terms of the contract.

Step5: As your payments are locked at the timing of the signing of the contract. Once you finish your task and it is accepted by the client your payment will be released. 

Step6: Once you receive payment you can leave feedback to lead others to know about your experience. 

You can also be benefited by sharing relevant opportunities with your friends. Sounds cool, right? With the LaborX referral program, referring the relevant candidates or companies to the relevant companies you will also receive benefits. When you share the relevant opportunity to your friend through social media you will receive a 50% commission once they finish the job. So what are you waiting to refer to the relevant jobs with peers and earn commission? 

Wrapping up 

LabourX is a perfect platform where companies can hire professionals with relevant skills and freelancers can find jobs that suit their portfolio. From Data Science & Analytics to Customer service there is a wide range of skills that you can find professionally for. If you’re a digital nomad who is looking for a job opportunity then this platform is perfect for you. LaborX is perfect for remote workers, part-time workers, freelancers. With this global recruitment platform, find and hire professionals or work with companies across the globe.