Looking at the Benefits of Video Conferencing versus Face to Face Meetings


Virtual solutions have been gaining popularity and traction in the corporate world for years now, but only recently have they seen such an explosion in users, entirely thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to necessity, companies, and corporations the world over have been forced to switch to digital conferencing technology in order to keep their businesses running during the forced lockdown. This forced and rushed switch does, however, beg the question, what are the benefits of video conferencing when compared to their face to face counterparts.

The benefits of face to face meetings

While most businesses have been forced to move their operations to be more remote, this does not mean that we are saying goodbye to physical meetings. They do have some unique benefits that virtual conferences simply cannot offer. Face to face meetings typically avoid unnecessary distractions and are much more likely to encourage complete attention from everyone present. There are fewer distractions caused by computer notification sounds, third parties talking in the background, or just general visual distractions seen on people’s video feed.

While physical, in-person meetings are more than likely to return, for the foreseeable future we are going to be using virtual conference calls and since they have become so popular, it is worth learning the benefits that they can provide.

The benefits of video conferences

Better health security

This is one of the benefits that has only truly been noticed in the recent past. With the COVID-19 virus being extremely infectious, limiting face to face interactions is essential, and using video conferences instead, allows you to carry on with business without having to see someone in person. While the coronavirus is the best example, virtual meetings would also help to reduce other sicknesses in general as you would be avoiding gathering large groups of people together in a small space.

Helps people to look and feel better while communication over the internet

Compared to ordinary phone calls, video conferencing is far superior in every aspect, it maintains the important factor that is a visual connection while still allowing people to work from home. Even better is that with modern technology that is now available, your employees can maintain a professional appearance regardless of how they or their home looks. If someone you live with comes in and starts talking, you can simply mute yourself, you can use filters to give yourself virtual makeup, and if you want to hide whatever is behind you, you can use a virtual office background for Zoom. These virtual backgrounds are almost a necessity at this point and can help you to hide sensitive information, maintain professionalism, or even add a little humor to your meeting depending on what you pick.

Reduces the cost of travel for everyone involved

Another one of the most cost-effective benefits that virtual conferences offer is that it practically eradicates the cost of travel for all parties involved. Unless they need to go somewhere for an internet connection, any virtual meeting attendee can simply log in to their home computer and participate in the meeting without so much as having to leave their front room.

Saves time and increases productivity

Regardless of whether you want to catch up with your team or if you are looking to attend a meeting with a high-end client, face to face meetings are a big waste of time, money, and energy. The planning and logistics involved are a headache on their own and then you still have the actual meeting to worry about. Virtual meetings solve this issue effortlessly. Simply make sure your setup has been tested and you are clear and presentable, and you can take part in any meeting necessary from the comfort of your own home with a cup of coffee beside you.

Connects teams and clients from around the world

Perhaps one of the best benefits that virtual communication offers is that it allows you to easily connect with people around the world. Whether you want to use this ability to reach out to new potential clients, or even if you want to expand your companies talent pool by recruiting overseas, virtual conference calls allow you to keep up to date with everyone regardless of where they are located.

Getting the most out of your video conference calls

While we have highlighted some of the best and most obvious benefits that virtual conferencing has to offer, we still highly advise that you do some of your own research to see how else this amazing technology can benefit you. Applications like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams are allowing remote work to become more popular and the benefits they provide may even convince you to keep the remote worker template even when the coronavirus is a thing of the past.