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All people across various fields are using PowerPoint presentations these days. It can be for a student’s school project or for professional board meetings the PowerPoint presentation plays a major role in getting the point across. They are very important as they make the listeners get a clear idea of what you are exactly trying to convey. A subject must be portrayed in a visually appealing manner in PowerPoint presentation. This is very essential as a good PowerPoint presentation gets the audience interested in the topic being discussed. It would engage the audience so that their focus doesn’t shift. PowerPoint presentations have become an essential practice of business communication in current times.

People have been using tools like Microsoft PowerPoint to make PowerPoint presentations for a long time. However, there are only fewer actions that can be performed by common individuals using Microsoft PowerPoint. This is because not many are experts in creating and customizing a PowerPoint presentation according to their needs. Over a period of time, the functions you perform on Microsoft office will become repetitive and boring. Even a single slide in a PowerPoint presentation shouldn’t be clumsy as it would ruin the entire presentation. However, a powerful Powerpoint presentation will take your professional career to a whole new level. But what would you do if you had to make an enticing presentation in a short period of time? Because PowerPoint presentations are not a simple task and people spend lots of time making them perfect. This is where SlideModel kicks in.

Why should you use SlideModel?

Slide Model is a premium service that provides pre-designed PowerPoint templates to its customers. The main reason to use SlideModel is that it helps you in creating attractive, engaging, and informative PowerPoint presentations that are easy to understand for audiences. Moreover, you can do this in no time as the service provides thousands of templates that you can download and edit. SlideModel has a list of over 20,000+ ready to download templates that can be instantly downloaded and used. You can create powerful and attractive PowerPoint presentations even if your designing skills are mediocre. SlideModel is a flexible and user-friendly platform that can be used by anyone. The templates are excellent to look at as they are designed by professionals exclusively for presentations. All the images, charts, and infographics provide a fresh feel even to the dullest topics.

Templates are completely editable and customizable

As mentioned earlier SlideModel has thousands of professionally designed templates in its catalog. It has created visually stunning templates for all types of business needs. That means anyone can find a template that suits their requirements. What is even more beneficial is the ability to completely edit the downloaded templates. You can do this without affecting the original design in the slightest way possible. This lets you create PowerPoint presentation slides that match your company’s style and identity. One can do this at extremely short notices without breaking a sweat as the process is quick and easy to make changes. Brand integrity is very important for any company or organization and SlideModel clearly understands this. All of its templates can be edited and customized according to your brand image. It allows you to change colors, backgrounds, and fonts so that you can consistently maintain your brand image.

Captivating diagrams, charts, and infographics

Source: Inertia PowerPoint template by SlideModel

Making a PowerPoint presentation is not as simple as it may sound. Most people think it is easy as they have only seen PowerPoint presentations that are on simple topics with fewer slides. But only a professional in the corporate world can tell you that there is more to it. Oftentimes people have to make presentations showing facts, figures, and projections using statistics, logistics and data available to them. This can be one of the trickiest parts as they often involve numbers and terms that can easily confuse the listeners.

While SlideModel also provides enchanting charts they are used too often. You can create and artists with your presentation. Use the hundreds of well-designed diagrams to create unique PowerPoint presentations.

You have got plenty of options to choose from. There are test tube designs, prism designs, 3D cubes, circular diagrams, and many more presentation templates and designs. Even the diagrams have texts indicating where you can enter text which you can also modify. The thousands of templates offered by SlideModel have horizontal shelves, Pentagon designs, petal designs, DNA designs 3D stairs, and many more which can take an article to describe. Every template is carefully designed for a specific purpose which can be known looking at where the texts can be included. SlideModel has no shortage of shapes for including in a presentation. It has all kinds of shapes such as trees, buttons, currency, and cloud designs. SlideModel also has 3D designs, anatomy structures, windmill shapes, chocolate shapes, and many others all of which you won’t find anywhere else.

Source: 3-Step Conversion Funnel Design for PowerPoint by SlideModel

Of course, you have various types of charts such as pie charts, S-curve charts, waterfall charts, data dashboards, BMI structures, and radar charts. A of these can be used to explain statistical data in your presentation. Maps are also used in a presentation to explain global issues, market trends, etc. Tables and maps are used as they can effectively convey information about these issues. Maps of North America, Central America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and others so that you can global and national representations efficiently.

Dedicated support

You don’t have to worry about experiencing any difficulty or issue in using the service. Because SlideModel offers 24/7 customer support to its users. The customer service is always there to help you if you need assistance and support when you are stuck. However, this is very rare as the website is very user friendly and chances of needing assistance are very minimal. But you can always rely on its customer support whenever you face some difficulty.


Another great feature and advantage of using SlideModel is its unrivaled compatibility. All of its presentation templates are completely compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. Apart from that, it is also compatible with other presentation tools like Google Slides, OpenOffice, and keynotes. This is very useful as many people feel comfortable using Google slides compared to Microsoft PowerPoint. Additionally, SlideModel also offers the ability to copy graphical representations from PowerPoint and paste them in other tools like Google docs. This goes to show the flexibility of the service.

Pricing plans

SlideModel offers four plans to its customers. The customers can choose any one of the four plans depending upon their necessity and frequency of usage. If you can subscribe to a one day plan or annual plan based on your requirement. All of these plans are renewed automatically at the end of their term. You can stop this by disabling auto-renewal by contacting the customer support.

The four plans offered by SlideModel are:

  • 1-Day Access: This plan grants access for one day and the user can download only five slides without any recurring payments.
  • 3-Month basic: This quarterly plan allows 100 downloads per month with 10 downloads every single day.
  • Annual basic: This yearly plan allows 200 downloads every month with 50 downloads per day.
  • Annual Unlimited- This is the unlimited yearly plan which allows unlimited downloads every day throughout the year. It allows 3 users to use the service.


An effective PowerPoint presentation is very essential to leave a lasting impact on a board meeting. Unfortunately, not everyone is an expert at making powerful and well-designed PowerPoint presentations. Moreover, it takes a very long time in creating and perfecting a PowerPoint presentation. But SlideModel makes it easier than ever before. It has thousands of professionally designed templates that are completely editable. You can customize these templates according to your brand image. It offers various diagrams, maps, infographics, maps, and charts all of which can make your presentation very effective. Apart from these features, it is a highly compatible service whose templates can be used to create PowerPoint presentations in various presentation tools.