Make your Presentation Stand Out with these Free PowerPoint Templates


PowerPoint presentations are very crucial in effectively explaining concepts and ideas. You don’t have to be in the corporate sector to know how important PowerPoint presentations are even though they are the ones who use them the most. Even students use them in schools and universities to explain their ideas to their fellow students and lecturers. PowerPoint presentations have become a potent tool for employees in all fields to express their ideas to their clients and colleagues. A good Powerpoint presentation can make or break the deal. Ask IT professionals they will tell you how important it is to create a visually appealing and engaging Powerpoint presentation. No matter how good the concept is you cannot get people’s attention unless you have attractive slides. Great slides are essential as this will give the audience something to look at other than you which will make them understand the concept in a better way.

However, creating a powerful Powerpoint presentation is not as easy as one might think.

It takes a lot of creativity and time to create a good PowerPoint presentation. Not everyone is good at creating slides that are enticing. Most people only know the basics of how to use Microsoft PowerPoint. So most of the presentations feel boring as they are dull and predictable. Many people find it hard to find a balance between content and visuals. Creating a template from scratch is a difficult and time-consuming process. Is there any solution for this problem? Yes, there is. You can use templates designed by professionals. There are many sites that provide customizable templates that are designed by professionals. But most of them offer their services through paid subscriptions. But do not worry there is a free resource where you can find thousands of templates to create great PowerPoint presentations. is a website that offers more than 12000 free slide templates for PowerPoint. It was founded in the year 2008 since then it has been one of the most reputable domains across the globe. In this article you will get to know how using FPPT will help you in creating your next Powerpoint presentation. 

Ability to choose from 12000+ templates

Creating an attractive template from scratch is an easy task. But no presentation can be good unless it has slides that are visually stunning. This is where FPPT comes into the picture. FPPT has a huge catalog of professionally designed high-quality PowerPoint templates. It has packages of templates that are related to various topics. Which means there are templates that can be used by everyone in all kinds of fields. It has specially designed templates for each topic. These templates are designed for giving lectures, medical presentations, and many more. FPPT has various categories of templates each one for s specific purpose. One can go through all these categories and select a category that will fulfill their needs. 

All the templates are made with a specific purpose in mind like meetings, planning, sales projections, and others. The most important thing to remember amidst all of these things is that all of these templates are absolutely free. There are only a few free resources that deliver the services at this quality to help you make impactful presentations. Moreover, FPPT gives you an option to choose from more than 12000 templates which are very rare and not a small thing by any means. 

Templates that can be customized easily

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Apart from offering professionally crafted templates for free FPPT also made them highly customizable. This will only result in a better user experience as they can be used in whichever way the user wants. There is a versatile collection of templates for various types of presentations. FPPT also has templates that are specially designed for specific topics. What makes these templates great is that they are of high quality and easily customizable. This will let the PowerPoint presentation creators have their own spin on them. It will give the users to show their creative skills to make them better and express their own personality. Each template has a layout and the outline will allow you to edit the text and put in the information you want. It clearly mentions the areas where you place your content. Not only that but one can also customize charts and SmartArt graphs just by typing in the content you need

Templates are compatible with many presentation tools

What good is free Powerpoint templates if they are not compatible with presentation tools that you use. FPPT understands this very well. This has helped them in creating high-quality templates for presentations that are compatible with most of the presentation tools used to create PowerPoint presentations. All of the templates that you find in FPPT are compatible with most of the popular presentations and programs. Apart from Microsoft PowerPoint Keynote, Google slides and OpenOffice are some other presentation tools that these templates are compatible with. You can easily download these templates into any presentation software and you will not lose any image quality.

Use PowerPoint themes to make personalized presentations

This is an encouraging and refreshing feature for people who want to polish their creative skills in creating PowerPoint presentations. Using PowerPoint themes you can personalize to make them appear however you want. The PowerPoint themes page with the free slides themes will give an experience that you will only find in premium services. You will be stunned to look at the wide range of colorful designs and backgrounds that you can personalize. 

Search templates using keywords, colors, and tags

FPPT has used the search engine optimization techniques to its advantage which is clearly visible in its ability to search templates. The search bar of Free PowerPoint Templates ( is so sophisticated that it can not only find templates based keywords and tags but also color. This is feature is greatly useful as colors play a major role in creating a PowerPoint presentation. When you are creating a presentation for a certain company you would want to use colors associated with their brand. This makes the process of finding your desired templates effortless.


PowerPoint presentations have always been and will be the most efficient way of expressing one’s ideas to their clients and colleagues. But creating a good PowerPoint presentation is not everyone’s cup of tea. So it is better to use professionally designed templates than creating templates from. Creating templates on your own is very difficult as well as time consuming so it is better to avail services from reputed resources like FPPT. This resource offers more than 12000 free templates to its users so that you can create great Powerpoint presentations. All of the templates offered by it are completely customizable. You can even search for templates by their colors. These high-quality templates are compatible with most of the presentation tools. FPPT also has tutorials which will help in creating PowerPoint presentations. Above all FPPT is completely free. So don’t have any second thoughts while creating your next Powerpoint presentation use FPPT templates to create a stunning PowerPoint presentation.