Merch Ideas For Active Customers


Merch is a great way to generate customer interest in your company and get your name out there. From pens to mugs, stickers to tote bags, the merchandising opportunities are endless, meaning that you can offer something fun and desirable to any type of customer. Your business might operate in the health and fitness sector, for example, as a personal trainer or manufacturer of climbing equipment. You might just want to specifically diversify your customer base into a more active clientele. To help you out, here are some merch ideas for active customers. 

  1. Water bottles

A water bottle is essential to any exercise regime, allowing you to keep hydrated while working up a sweat. Furthermore, people are becoming more aware about the importance of reducing waste and as such your custom water bottles will be gladly received by any customer, regardless of activity level. Decide on the volume you want your water bottle to hold; you could incorporate a measuring level into your design to help customers keep track of their water intake. Consider also the material of your water bottle: stainless steel and glass are eco-friendly and help to keep the water cool, whereas BPA-free plastic bottles are more durable and still better for the environment than single-use plastic. 

  1. Hats 

Hats are an essential piece of kit when getting active outdoors, and they also provide a perfect opportunity for company merchandising. You might want to take into account the weather and offer different hats for different seasons. For example, a woolly beanie can keep the customer warm when embarking on a winter hike, whereas a classic baseball cap will keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes during summer jogs. 

  1. T-shirts and sweat shirts

Activewear has recently seen a great boom in popularity, perhaps due to coronavirus lockdowns prompting people to seek comfy and stylish clothing for working from home and doing home workouts. You can get in on this trend for activewear by offering your own line of custom t-shirts and sweatshirts that are ideal for both lounging at home and building up a sweat. Consider the material of your branded activewear carefully – man-made fibres like polyester might be cheap, but they are not breathable, making an already strenuous workout sweatier and more uncomfortable than it needs to be. Natural fibres like cotton or rayon are a perfect breathable alternative for activewear, keep your customers looking and feeling cool and fresh in your custom t-shirts. 

  1. Socks

Cushioned sports socks are essential for active customers as they cushion the feet and provide support, helping to avoid painful blisters and easing pressure on the tendons. Furthermore, custom socks can be designed to promote your brand by incorporating your logo and color scheme, through either a knit-in jacquard or printed applique. Remember to choose breathable fabrics such as cotton – this will help to keep your feet cool and fresh, and therefore lessen the likelihood of sweaty post-workout sneakers!