Micro Data Center Market – Things To Know

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We want data, lots of it, and fast! Whether it’s for our businesses, to run IoT-enabled devices, or distribute content across the web. Indeed, the need for digital data, websites and storage has never been higher. However, the problem here is that with more demand and greater distances between data centers and where the data is needed, it can take longer to deliver. Not to mention the increased costs for bandwidth! 

The good news is that this issue can be solved by a process known as edge computing. This is when instead of larger traditional server rooms or data centers, micro ones are used. The idea here is that these micro centers are located much nearer to the point of utilization (PoU). Thus, lowering latency, and the cost of using additional bandwidth. 

What are Micro Data Centers?

Micro Data Centers are miniaturized data center solutions that hold all the necessary components of a data center. In each Micro Data Center rack, you will find UPS, PDUs, cooling mechanisms, fire suppression systems, and other networking components. Everything you need to store and deliver your data all in one place. 

However, there are two important differences between Micro Data Center and more traditional data storage. The first is that the construction of Micro Data Centers is standardized. While the second is that they are located much closer to the site where the data is needed. Points that will expand on in the sections below. 

The benefits of Micro Data Centers 

The first important advantage of using Micro Data Centers over more traditional forms of data storage is that they are faster, both in getting the data to the PoU and to get set up in the first place. Indeed, this is where the standardization aspect of Micro Data Centers comes in. After all, if the hardware and software are standard it is much easier to source, and work with, so it can vastly reduce the setup time involved. 

Next, another way your business could benefit from using a Micro Data Center is that they could save you money. This is because they can be easily installed in your company premises, and use your current power system to run. Indeed, because they require significantly less power than a traditional data center to run, you may not see any increase in your energy usage at all. 

Micro Data Centers are also becoming very popular because they offer greater reliability than other types of data storage. The reason for this again is due to their standardized design. After all, unlike traditional data storage, their reliability isn’t threatened by customized critical systems.  

Probably the most impactful benefit of using Micro Data Center in your business is that it’s so easily scalable. You can start small and easily build up your storage capacity without any trouble, as all the stages used, and the equipment needed is the same for the first step as they are for another. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a more reliable, cheaper, faster, and easily scalable data storage solution, look no further than a Micro Data Center. Remember, the future of data centers is micro!