Mitrefinch – Experts in Time Management Solutions


Mitrefinch is a 30 years old business software development company which is determined to develop cutting edge technology based employee management software. They have helped businesses to work in a new revolutionized way in which they just don’t let any time go waste and utilize every minute of their human resources.

Mitrefinch is innovative in the software interfaces and its features. The software is intelligent that integrate with their client’s system seamlessly. Their clients are getting the advantage of their software every single day and they are adhering to the software for decades. Their time tracking software is a dependable, intelligent, and robust system that you have it on clouds, or on-premise, or even hybrid and can run your business smoothly. The software suits well for all size businesses i.e. from startup to well-developed businesses.

There are several ways, Mitrefinch software can help businesses. Some of them are–

  • Time and Attendance –the time & attendance software keep a close track of employee attendance and their logged-in time. The software is smart enough to tell you which employee is working on which job and when the job was started and when it will end. This is cloud-based software and allows employees to clock-in from any location so that you can keep an accurate record of employees at work outside the premises of your business. The reporting is comprehensive with the facility of real-time (instant) information. This software is a must for payroll accuracy and to eliminate inaccurate reporting. The various tasks you can perform under this main-head feature are—leave management, clocking, time allocations (TAS), attendance reporting, FMLA tracking, and employee accountability with visibility of workforce in real-time.
  • Absence Management—Absenteeism i.e. staying away from work without good reason, is a habitual problematic practice followed by several employees. This is a total loss for any business and it contributes towards the non-sincere environment which results in loss of quality in work. This intolerable practice can be countered with the help of Absence Management software. This software monitors absence of employees effectively and figures out all the misuses. With the help of this software, you can figure out who is doing their job sincerely and you can reward them later. It helps in detection of absenteeism anomalies and trends which you can definitely use to do the planning and find a solution to absenteeism. Not only this, you can avoid any labor law compliance (closely follow FMLA laws) to occur by keeping the automated tracking of employee working hours and leaves.
  • HR Software—your HR people do key tasks like keeping a record of your employees, managing the recruitment process, administrative tasks, workforce reports and more. These activities could take tons of man-hours if done manually. The HR Software from Mitrefinch can really help you in reducing man-hours by making most of the tasks automated. Key features include an analysis of trends, reports of job applications, training qualifications, contact details etc. Besides this, the software is able to give your HR people full control over employee details, FMLA tracking, paid time off, performance tracking, real-time reporting, and even email (such as email reminders). This software is well suitable for any business that is having 100 to 10,000+ employees.
  • Employee Scheduling Software—this is one of the most loved software by the managers of any business who manages work and their teams. This software is smart enough to put the key information needed by managers to manage their work, for example—skills of every team member, rates of pay, availability etc. This software helps automatically generate productive and most efficient roster. The key features include managing shifts, roster building, and automatic scheduling. This software allows casual employees to choose their preferred work hours, identify training needs, and even provide real-time alerts of staffing anomalies.
  • Mobile Workforce Management—mobile workforce means employees on the move i.e. moving employees. With this software, small scale to large scale businesses can manage their mobile workforce as it facilitates employee clock-in and out from any location and by using any device. You can also track employees using GPS, can capture employee performance in all locations, helps in compliance issues, and eliminate timekeeping flaws. The key features include support to iOS & Android, web SMS clocking, GPS tracking, web browser-based access (i.e. HTML 5), email reminders, and support for all kind of mobile devices like tablets and laptops.
  • Employee Self-Service—one of the best things you can do to your employees allows them to manage their own time. Empower them by giving them the facility to access their own schedules and manage their leaves. This little change can save a lot of time for your business and increases employee engagement. The key features include time-off requests which allow employees to self manage their leaves and availability, timecard changes, employee planner, document management, availability to work and messaging system.

Mitrefinch software allows you to have your own bespoke solutions; all you need is to tell what exactly you need and they will tailor a package just for you and then integrate their software with your business successfully. Ongoing support will make sure the smooth running of the software and hence benefit your business.