Office Design 101: How to Minimize Stress and Increase Productivity


While there are plenty of clear-cut ways to go about designing an office, it is no secret that even the smallest mistake could lead to a dip in productivity. There is no doubt that the environment can have a substantial impact on the mood of an employee, which makes it doubly important to design an office the right way. From the use of USB C to USB adapters to improve convenience to the use of potted plants, here are a few ways to minimize stress and increase productivity in the workplace.

Going for curved designs in a smaller office

If your office space is on the smaller side, it will likely feel cramped due to all of the corners. It is similar to the feeling of living in a small apartment – only the employees have the extra burden of being productive. One of the best ways to minimize stress in a smaller office would be to use curved designs for furniture. It can round out the look of an office, and it can make it feel larger than it is. The use of mirrors would pair up well with curved edges, giving your office a modern look and going a long way to increase productivity.

Breathe some life into your office with a bit of green

Potted plants are one of the least expensive ways of making your office feel more like home. Having even just a few plants can help your employees keep stress at bay, and improve productivity at the same time. The best part is that if you are afraid of maintenance, you can instead go for fake plants, which have the same effect as the real plants, minus the need to water them.

The corners, in particular, would benefit from some of the taller potted plants available. You do not have to purchase a great deal to make a difference – even just a bit of green can breathe a lot of life into a dreary office.

Natural light is one of the healthiest ways to keep stress levels low

While it can be difficult to add more windows to office space, you can make up for it by adding more light sources. Better yet, mirrors can help bounce natural light without the need for any electricity. Keeping the darkness and the gloom at bay can help make your office feel more inviting.

Keep things convenient in the office space

Ensure that the needs of your employees are met, especially when it helps them get the job done. A few USB adapters and connectors will not only help your employees keep their phones charged, but it will also make things easier to make presentations as it can be used to plug a laptop into other devices.

It is never a good idea to underestimate the effect an office space can have on your employees. Focusing even just a little bit of effort and resources on improving the look of your office can go a very long way.