Playing video games at work could make you more productive


Video games have been around for decades and they are getting better and better with each passing day. The first video game console was sold in the year 1972 nearly five decades ago. From then up until now the video game industry has grown and evolved in an unimaginable way. If you think that video games are just something that kids play in their pastime then you are absolutely wrong. There are more gamers in the world than there were before. This is because the adults today are the ones that were exposed to video games when they were kids. Many adults who played video games as a kid still retain that habit. Today both kids and adults are playing video games. Unlike the olden days, there are tons of video games today. You can play all types of video games in this day and age. 

One can play card games, puzzles, adventure games, arcade games, battle royale, and many more. The best part about this is that you don’t even need a console to play video games. All you need is your mobile phone. The smartphones of today are powerful enough to play games with great graphics. Many people use video games as a getaway. You can see some men playing video games for an hour after returning from work. They say that it helps them deal with stress. But does it really help? There has been a lot of debate around this topic. Many studies have been conducted to see if video games are actually beneficial to you. By looking at the results it is clear that they are. In fact, some studies suggest that playing video games in the workplace can boost productivity. This article is completely about that. So, let’s dive into the topic. 

Aren’t video games a distraction?

This is the most common concern among people when they think about video games. They look at video games as a form of distraction. Something that people waste their time on. Well, it can be true depending on the situation. Playing video games at the workplace doesn’t mean you allow the employees to play for as long as they want. It is clearly not a great idea to boost productivity. If you give your employees that choice then they are definitely going to abuse it. Video games have to be like a getaway more than a distraction. It also doesn’t mean that your employees should definitely play video games in the workplace. It is just that they should have that option. Make sure that they can do this for a limited time. Playing video games in short bursts will help them become more productive once they get back to work. 

However, if an employee is playing video games more than they are working then you really got a problem there. Many companies are now installing gaming consoles in their offices. If you don’t want to do the work for a few minutes then you should allow employees to play video games on their phones. But you should make sure that they don’t play games that have too much violence or gore in them. Ask them to play something fun and pleasant. If you don’t know what games are good for your mobile then you can check out Insider.Games. This site has information about everything related to video games. You can check out updates about trending video games, the latest releases, video games that are good for your device, and much more. It is very helpful if you don’t know what games to play.

Let’s look at the benefits of playing video games at the workplace. 

Relieve stress

Ask any employee what makes them unproductive. More often than not they will have the same answer that is stress. Stress is really the most common problem in the workplace for employees being less productive. The amount of work they have to do, attending meetings, dealing with clients, and meeting deadlines put too much stress on employees. They need something to cope with this stress. Luckily, video games are great stress busters. Playing video games for a little while will disconnect them from the stress. After they play for some time all their stress will be relieved and they feel fresh. This will help them to resume their work more efficiently without any problems.  

Increase focus and motivation

If you have seen someone who is playing video games then you know how involved they are. You simply cannot get them to look at you when they are playing. It is because they are so focused on winning the game that they don’t want any distractions. They know that a single second of distraction can make them lose the game. Once they win the game or complete a level they will have this feeling of satisfaction. They feel like they rewarded themselves. So they are happier when they resume work. The increased focus they get playing video games will be transferred to work and they will also be motivated to get it done correctly. 

Makes you more creative

Video game players are very competitive in nature. Not just avid gamers but if you start playing video games with other people then you naturally become more competitive. So when you are competing with others you will have the urge to beat them. But as you keep on playing you realize that everyone is getting better and better which makes it hard for you to win every time. Because of this, you have to come up with new and creative ways to defeat your opponent. You cannot use the same tactics again and again as they would be ready for. This will constantly make you think about something new all the time. Employees would use the same approach while working. 

Problem solving

So, when you are playing video games you will have stages that you have to cross in order to get to the next level. This will require you to think on your own and come with ideas to beat the level. Everyone comes up with a different idea on how to beat the level. This will make you think differently in every situation to solve a problem be it a video game or the real world. 

Teaches teamwork

Playing certain video games will help you learn how to interact with other people. Especially if you are playing Battle Royale games. These games will require you to work as a team if you want to survive. They will not teach people how to work together as a team but also how to communicate with each other. 


In short video games are not as bad as people have been told. They have proven to be stress busters for many reasons. Many people use video games to relieve their stress after work. Playing video games in the workplace for a short period of time will definitely help you increase your productivity. But beware that too much of anything is bad. Only play games that can be stopped after a short period of time.