PostScan Mail Virtual Mailbox: What is it and How Does it Work?

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In this era, physical posts are a thing of the past thanks to a service called virtual mailbox from PostScan Mail. If you are one, who is curious about what a virtual mailbox is, then check out this article because this article will talk about it in great detail.

First, you need to know why physical mailbox is starting to get irrelevant

Usually, when we are sending posts or getting posts sent to us, we rely on a physical address and a physical postman to help. The sender will mail the post to our address, the post office will give it to a mail carrier, and the mailman will then send us the post.

It might sound simple at first, but simplicity does not always entail easiness. When a physical post gets delivered to you, there is a high chance that the post will get destroyed or manipulated along the way.

There are so many factors that can cause your posts not to be delivered correctly or in time. We cannot have those kinds of things happen to us, of course.

There is also the matter of space. When you use a physical post, you will need space to work with. You need spaces to store your letters, you need spaces to store your packages, you also need spaces to sort through all of the incoming posts. Because space is starting to become a precious commodity, saving space for a simple thing such as a post-storage is not very beneficial.

Those reasons listed above are the reasons why you need a virtual mailbox.

A virtual mailbox, in its simplest term, is a mailbox that does not take a physical space. It is like an e-mail but better because it can contain a whole lot of things other than documents and electronic media. It is also safer because many companies that offer virtual mailbox will make sure that they are safe for you.

Another reason why you would want a virtual mailbox with you is accessibility. There are times when you want to open a package or open a letter when you are traveling. With a physical mailbox, you will never be able to do so. You would need to go home first, check your mailbox, and open the letter to see what is inside.

Because it can be too much for some, that is why a virtual mailbox is a nice thing to have. You do not need to go home because you can ask the company that issued your electronic mailbox to scan your letter for you. They will also store your mails and packages until you decide to open them.

Even if you do not want to open them, you can also ask the company to destroy any letters or packages that you do not want to have. What is nice is that you can do all of that with a single command. Give the order, and the company will do as you wish.

One such company that offers you a virtual mailbox is PostScan Mail They offer many great things like a virtual address or a virtual mailbox in which you can register for it at the website. PostScan is a company that is dedicated to creating a virtual posting environment, slowly eradicating physical posts for citizens of the United States of America.

How does all of it work?

First, you would need to register for a virtual mailbox and select a plan. There are three plans to choose from in PostScan. All of the plans come with different perks and different prices. After you have applied for a plan, you can select which address you want your posts to be delivered to.

The fun comes when there is a new mail for you. When you got something delivered to your name, a notification and a scan of it will be delivered to your email. From there, you can choose whether you want to open the mail, recycle it, shred it, or forward it.

If you decide to open your mail, PostScan will open it and scan the content before sending it to your email again. Simple right? With accessibility to your fingertips, there is no reason why you should not want to apply for PostScan Mail virtual mailbox.