Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring Software Products: Can It Help Your Business?


Every business is trying to improve its profitability to survive in today’s global market. Globalization has made this world very competitive. With the ease of access to the internet has done it very well. The customer is in more power than ever before. He is well aware that how he can procure the product in the best way at the lowest price. It has the ultimate result in a reduction of profits for the business. No more monopolistic competition exists in this world except very rare cases. In this scenario, business doesn’t have much to do except to reduce their cost of sale for increasing their incomes.

There are so many aspects whereby business can reduce their costs and one of the most demanded measures is the reduction of staff cost. Payroll is supposed to be the major expense of any business and if payroll cost is controlled effectively, there is a surety that business would never make losses. How to control and deal with ethical issue of the staff is another big question mark for the management. There are various measures that can be taken to reduce employee cost and the best among those is to monitor the performance of your staff. Another efficient way is the switch to cloud-based payroll software, which will not only save your time and money but will make the payroll error-free.

Employees with below standard performance can be replaced with young and energetic people. And those working just at par can be pushed to be above standard performance. And of course, there should be a special incentive for positive reputation of the employee to motivate the team to do more to get more reward. All these things sound good while listening but it was never been easier than today to measure staff performance with remote employee controlling software.

This software has made the life of management easier to see how effectively they are working and would a business need extra staff to complete the task well before time. Their appraisals were never been easier than today for an employer to judge in the right manner that how is performing well. Right-sizing of staff can be done with this amazing tool. Management can replace less productive staff member with high productivity employee at same or maybe lesser cost.

Yes, this option would have an additional cost that business has to bear especially in case of multi-destination workplaces. Business has to incur expense for web hosting and maintenance cost of the software. All this enabled the employer to get complete control over its staff yet it has a negative impact on the employee. They feel insecure about their job since they are aware in most of the cases that they have been watched regularly. They can’t get relaxed for a couple of minutes and in some cases for a couple of hours. It can be against low in some countries.

In spite of all the above factors, still, we strongly believe that software for employee monitoring should remain in action if the law of that country permits. Management would have complete access to their business from one location to evaluate the performance of their business entity.