Reasons Why Your Marketing Team Doesn’t Have to Work Full-time in an Office


Your marketing people are not regular employees that you can lock up in an office to work for eight hours a day. These are artists and creative geniuses. They need to be elsewhere to feel inspired to come up with the next marketing plan. Therefore, you need to be open up to the idea of letting them be more flexible with their time. You can ask them to stay in the office for meetings, brainstorming sessions and presentations. Apart from that, you might have to let them go and head to places where they can get inspiration.

As long as they head back home with terrific ideas, they are good to go. Besides, you will know if you have employees who rig this flexibility and do not work. Let them understand that you’re offering this option not to make them work less, but to allow them to work in an environment where they feel more comfortable.

Some of them might prefer staying at home because they feel relaxed and they have no other distractions. Others want to walk on the busy streets or in other public places. If they are working on banners and posters, it helps to be out there to analyse the ads used by other companies and understand why they are gaining attention.

Set a timeline

You need to have a clear timeline before asking your marketing team to work independently. They need to guarantee you that when the date arrives, they are ready with the tasks assigned to them. You also need to clarify with them that they might not have the same flexibility in working hours again if they fail to deliver.

Create a group chat

To stay in contact with everyone in the team, you can set up a group chat for constant communication. It’s crucial for everyone to be a part of it and respond to questions. If they have issues or questions, everyone can react through the app. You can also opt for a video conference meeting if some members can’t get back to gather and meet in person. In doing so, everyone stays on the same page and will move forward with the plans.

You don’t need to keep asking

The problem when you force employees to show up at work early in the morning and stay in the office for the next eight hours is that they are in an unhealthy environment. They can’t be productive because of what’s going on around them. Some employees might be in the office, but their hearts are at home because of their sick kid. They end up making excuses to not go to work. You don’t want to deal with these excuses regularly. Allowing your employees to be flexible means that they can be wherever they want, but they must finish the job as required.

Therefore, if you are planning to come up with a banner design for the next ad, you can let your team work anywhere. You may recommend sites to get inspiration from, like You can also partner with the company for banner printing.