Signs That Potential Investors Will Fund Your Ideas After Pitching to Them


You worry that after your pitch to potential investors, they will turn you down and decide to fund other businesses. If you can’t get the necessary funds to launch your company, your vision won’t materialize. Therefore, it’s essential to do everything you can to succeed in pitching to potential investors.

The problem is that potential investors look terrifying. They maintain a poker face throughout the presentation. You even worry that they’re no longer interested in you. These are the signs that the investors are considering your ideas, and they will potentially fund your company. 

They can’t help but nod or smile

The investors will try to hide their emotions as much as possible. They don’t want to give you a hint about the direction they’re going to take. Therefore, if you see them nodding or smiling, it’s a positive sign. It means that they like what you’re talking about, and they could fund your business. 

They pose questions

Another sign that it’s going well for you is if the investors are asking a lot of questions. It doesn’t matter if these questions seem to attack your ideas. The fact that they pay enough attention even to bother asking questions is a good thing. They could fund your business after you present clear responses. Don’t freak out when receiving questions since they’re a positive sign.

They don’t rush to leave

If the investors have no interest in your ideas, they will leave the building as soon as you finish. If you did it on their site, you get asked to leave right away. However, if you have something interesting during the presentation, the investors will try to socialize. They will get to know you and the people working with you. Therefore, you will feel good if they take time after the presentation to know more about you. 

They provide suggestions 

When the investors start acting like a coach, it shows how invested they are. They offer advice because they want your ideas to get polished. They know that you have a lot to offer, and they don’t want to waste your ideas. It’s up to you if you accept the suggestions, but it’s great to hear them at an early stage.

They congratulate you

There’s no point in congratulating you like a pat on your back. They might say thank you, or it was nice hearing your thoughts. They won’t say the word congratulations unless they have a reason for doing so. They might even point out the specific reason for congratulating you. 

These are only signs that things are heading in the right direction. It doesn’t mean you will succeed in presenting your thoughts. Several things could happen, and the investors are also looking at other budding entrepreneurs.

You can be hopeful when you see these signs. You also have to work harder to improve your presentations next time. Try to invest in an AV wall mount so that your presentation looks more professional. You’ll also create a positive first impression.