Smart Things Agencies Can Say to Get Their Clients to Invest in SEO


So your client heard about this thing called SEO and now wants you, an SEO agency, to help them. They want to rank for keywords they think their ideal client is searching for on Google. They want to scale their business.

The thing is, they only want to invest $500 a month because, to their knowledge, organic search is a risk, and one that they don’t feel comfortable investing too much money in.

But $500 probably only covers a week’s worth of work. It’s not enough to develop high-quality content. It’s not enough to get more than a single backlink.

So what do you do?

Well, this is when you put your smart cap on and you say the things that they’re not going to want to hear but the things that will ultimately save them from an SEO failure.

1. “SEO is low risk, high reward”

SEO is a bet as much as any other type of marketing campaign. But SEO is a low risk bet – it’s on average less expensive than paid campaigns. The only thing one can lose from an SEO failure if they typically have not prioritized SEO in the past is a little bit of time and money.

But the rewards can be astronomical. They can alter the course of a business for years, even decades if some ounce of luck should have it.

Imagine for a second that you run your own agency and you’re tasked with carrying out Search Engine Optimization services on a client’s site. If you’re able to help that client’s site get to position 3 from position 12 for an important keyword, that client is now legitimately able to get at least 20% more of the traffic for that keyword.

Imagine if one customer comes out of that single project and each customer’s average payment to your client is $100K. You just helped your client secure an additional $100K they were never going to get at position 12 for that keyword.

That’s how you have to explain it: low risk, high reward.

2. “SEO will help your overall brand”

Something most clients don’t get is the impact that bad SEO can have on their overall brand. So this what you say to get this very important point across:

“If customers can’t find your site on Google, they’re going to think Google doesn’t trust your site. If Google doesn’t trust your site, they can’t trust your site, and so they can’t trust you.”

This is what it has come down to, ladies and gentlemen. Google is now the judger of all businesses – the final say in whether your business will be accessible on the Internet.

More importantly, if your business isn’t accessible, it really hurts your brand. It’s like if you call yourself an “influencer” but you only have 500 followers on Instagram. No one will believe you’re an influencer if you have no one to influence.

As with a poor SEO presence on Google, no one will believe you have a successful business if your website doesn’t rank for the keywords you clearly associate with your business.

And that’s the final point to draw home here: in this scenario, tell your client that if they don’t rank high on Google, people will never land on their site organically; in addition, that outcome alone will negatively impact the client’s brand because current customers and potential future customers will assume the client’s brand isn’t strong enough to possess an SEO presence on Google.

Win at SEO. Win at business. Long-term. That’s the goal.