Sports Marketing Trends to Watch


The digital age has turned sports marketing on its head – just as it has for a host of other industries. Ultimately, you need to be able to keep up with the latest trends if you work or run a company in this industry. This way, you will be able to keep at the forefront of change rather than risk being left behind. 

OTT Content 

Over-the-top content is a popular tool on sports social media channels. Franchises are creating increasingly strategic and sophisticated social media campaigns using media sharing apps like This means that brands are going bigger and bolder in their approach, through contests, exciting community challenges,or convening former sporting stars. 

‘Different’ People in Sport 

For far too long, sports fans have been dominated by young men, but demographics have changed over the past few years. Now, there is a larger focus on women, children, and seniors in sport. Ultimately, this helps make the sport more accessible and requires you to cast a wider net. 


There is now a much bigger shift towards sustainability in various industries, and the world has certainly not escaped this glare. Unfortunately, a huge percentage of products are bought for an emotional reason rather than a functional one. Therefore, in the world of sports marketing, you need to be able to empower customers into feeling like they are doing something good for the planet. For example, the movement towards collecting rubbish while jogging is a positive initiative that can positively impact the planet. 


Just a few years ago, eSports would not have been considered to be a particularly important aspect of the sporting industry as a whole. However, in the modern age, more and more people are taking them seriously. A big part of this is down to the fact that they are so accessible to so many different types of people. Not only this but as you see the major eSports competitors start to sign huge sponsorship deals, more and more people may start to see it as a serious career choice. 


There has been a big shift towards the wearable market, which is moving away from just being a passing fad to something with more staying power. Therefore, you should consider what the implications are likely to be from this growing trend as well and how this may impact your sports marketing business. 

There you have just a few of the major trends that are worth keeping a close eye on when it comes to your sports marketing business and everything you are trying to achieve from it for a profitable future.