The Best Tech for Boosting Productivity in the Workplace


Companies should always be on the hunt for the best tech they can use to create as a productive environment as possible. Though there is plenty of scope to use the actual working environment of the office, such as desks and a paperless system, there are some tech items that could be used to create a great system that best complements the working environment of the office.

Air Conditioning

The atmosphere in your workplace can be incredibly important when trying to encourage productivity. Many people have an optimum temperature at which they can work. It does not matter if they are too hot or too cold, they are going to notice if the temperature is wrong and this could lead to them becoming distracted. The ideal temperature for the average office is about 21-22 degrees Celsius.

Of course, there are also health considerations to think about. As an employer, you have a duty to supply your workers with a safe place for them to work from. Taking control over your office’s temperature could deliver the results you need. Check out some of the air conditioning options that you could use to create a productive workplace here: 

Time Tracking

It is easy to let the time slip away from us. We might think that we have had a productive day working, when there has actually been a lot of time spent messing about with a trivial task or staring into space. Therefore, it is important that we have an accurate idea of how much time it takes for us to do a task. It can give a better idea overall about how well we can work.

There are many apps and browser plug-ins that can track how long it takes for us to complete certain tasks. These can be used to properly measure our productivity so we can make improvements and use our time on the clock more effectively.


Think your employees spend more time browsing Instagram than they do actually focusing on their work? It might be worth looking into some sort of focus tool. If there is a deadline looming, this focus tool will allow them to block out certain distractions so all they are able to focus on is the task at hand.

These tools can be incredibly flexible. Most have a back-door option so your employees can get out if they have to, and you can find plenty that allow you to set certain goals such as the number of words to be written. Whether you need copywriters to reach a certain goal or you need reports finished by the end of the day, these apps can be crucial in boosting the productivity of your teams.

There are so many different pieces of tech that you can use to try to boost productivity in your workplace. Don’t be afraid to introduce new pieces of tech if you think they could help – you might be surprised at the difference they could make to your working environment and the productivity within the office.