The dawn of a swish iPhone 11


The irresistible new iPhone deals are here hitting the market with a punch. Guess what! You can’t have enough of the enchanting deals, leaving you in admiration. If enjoying a chic and up-to-date device is what you are looking for, the new iPhone deals should be your cup of tea.

Apple hits the market once again by unveiling 3 new iPhones, including iPhone 11 pro plus barmy triple camera system. The 3 new iPhones were unleashed at the flashy event in California. What’s more? The 11 Pro is the cheapest in the trio. Both the 11 pro max and 11 pro portray their backs with a 3 system camera.

Talking of new deals! What are they?

As a standard rate for Apple, the company has decided to surprise clients this year with 3 new phones. The new handsets link to the previous models.

All the 3 new devices 11, 11 pro, and 11 pro max are here this month. The grand phones launch took place in California on 10th September.

Features and enhancements

The 11 pro-Apple’s` flagship takes the lead with a 5.8in display. 11 pro max is a bigger version of the kind boasting of a colossal 6.5in screen. So if you are looking for a swift monitor for videos and photos, the 5.8 or 6.5 is the deal.

The bizarre trio camera system is the most significant handset selling point. The cameras fit in a square house bump at the back of the device. Each system possesses a telephoto lens with a 4X optical zoom, ultra-wide lens, and a standard lens.

With a deep fusion tool, your photos will be bolstered to combine 9 images while taking a snap. The cameras’ night mode feature automatically brightens photos when taken at night or dark hours. If you are a fan of videos, you can enjoy 4K ultra-wide video resolution. Plus, a 64GB memory storage.

The dubbed A13 new microchip is a quick load program. It promises efficient downloads and playing high intensity games. The battery can contain power up to 4 times longer than the XS type. It sums up to a 14 hours moderate intensity use.

The box comes with an 18W adaptor that juices up the fast charge process. Like the previous handsets, the new phones will be a full package of emoji, face ID, and other essential features to keep you wired to fun.

Colours release date and price

The pro 11 and 11 pro-Max is a touch of four colours: space grey, midnight green, silver, and gold. 11 pro-Max goes for $1,149 while the 11 pro starts at $1049. They are pricier than the previous XS Max and XS.

iPhone 11 features specs and improvements

It is the second device announced by the company and slightly cheaper as opposed to others. It is embedded with a 6.1 in display- smaller than 11 pro max but more massive than 11 pro. It boasts of a back duo lens camera with shades of six colours. Similar to an ordinary primary lens, it comes with the ultra-wide lens of 12MP to take in more photos. Shoots in night mode and can sustain a video recording of 4K resolution. Not to forget a 64GB storage to keep your phone memory steady.

Battery life

The 11 pro phones take the lead with an extra 4 to 5 hours of battery life. They turn out to be a better version of handsets. More so, they last longer on a charge. Sound like a good reason for consideration.

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