The Importance of Budgeting and Creating One


Life is getting more and more difficult these days. With all the problems around us, prices of necessities rising, inability to maintain a work-life balance, and all the bills piling up, it’s getting harder for us to ensure that our money is going where it needs to go. That’s why we must know how to handle our finances.

There is nothing more reassuring than being financially secured. Knowing that the expenses to come will not be a problem because you already have allocated your incoming money to where it should be is absolutely comforting. That’s only possible if you know how to budget your funds properly, and this article will let you know more about that.

Why Is Creating a Budget Necessary?

The question in all our minds now is that why should we even bother? If we’re steadily earning money, that means we get to pay for everything, right? Not exactly. If you don’t plan for your expenses, your money might get spent on unnecessary things. Below are some other reasons why creating a budget is essential.

Keeps Your Eye on the Prize

A budget is necessary to keep your eyes on the prize. What we mean is that you have your long-term goals, right? Sticking to your budget plan will make sure that you achieve these goals in the best possible time. If you’re planning to buy a car, save up to pay for your first house, or take a trip to your dream destination, creating a budget plan will help you with that.

Emergency Preparedness

The next accident or disaster is just waiting around the corner, and that’s why preparing for an emergency is part of everyone’s budget plan. Aside from accidents, emergency preparedness also includes being laid off your job, the death of a relative, or anything that would require you to have a deep financial saving. You may want to figure out how you can build an emergency fund.

Emotional Security

How many nights have you spent wide awake because you have no idea how you’re supposed to accommodate your living expenses? That’s right. Budgeting is not just about financial stability but emotional security as well. You can rest easy when you know that everything you’re worried about, your bills, mortgage, loans, are already taken care of.

How to Create a Budget

For you to be able to reap the benefits we’ve mentioned above, you have to know how to create a budget plan in the first place. Of course, the specifics of it would depend on your lifestyle, but generally, here are the steps you can take.

Net Income

The first thing you need to note in creating a budget is determining how much money comes into your wallet every month. However, there is a huge difference between the salary written in your payslip or contract and the total amount of money you get to bring home. When you subtract the taxes and other deductions to your salary, the difference is called your net income, and this is where budgeting begins.


The next thing you need to do is to calculate all your expenses. Mortgages, loans, gasoline, fare, water & electricity bills, and your monthly allowance for going to work, are all filed under expenses. Get the sum of all of these and subtract it from your net income, and that’s where we get to be flexible. If you’re planning to get a house soon, make sure you calculate your home mortgage payments to ensure that they can fit your budget plan.

Setting Goals and Planning

The next thing you need to do is to set goals. If you want to buy a house, save up for emergencies, or set up an insurance plan, all of these require tedious planning. Consider how much you’re going to need for each of your goals, and determine the amount of money you need to save monthly to reach these goals.


Finally, and perhaps the most important part, is to be disciplined. There’s no point in creating a budget if you will not follow it after all. Once you’ve had everything laid down, make sure you organize your finances and strictly follow the plan. That’s the best and only way to guarantee that you get to pay the bills and maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter how big or small you earn.

It’s difficult to be financially stable, especially when you’ve just started your career. That’s why as soon as you start earning money, you need to understand the importance of budgeting and how you can create a budget plan. This is the only way to guarantee that you don’t overspend and that your current lifestyle fits your payslip.