The new software for retail and franchise managers to take better decisions


We live in a vibrant world, where attaining the most elegant results isn’t always around office hours. In effect, we necessitate being capable of keeping an eye on business anywhere and anytime. An appropriate cloud-based Franchise software package lets the franchisees handle their trade in-store, via the web or mobile. Plus the head offices have a real-time impression of what is taking place. To achieve that, Toucan Toco bases its process on data selection plus hierarchy that makes taking decisions stress-free by generating a story with the statistics. Toucan Small Apps are meant for flexibility. Get easy access to the data anywhere you are, every time you need! The interfaces are modified to your tablet, smart phone or PC.

The Toucan Toco Studio platform

The Toucan Toco Studio platform permits you to build reporting apps for external or internal clients, devoid of the requirement for developer skills. Originated in 2014, Toucan Toco has put data storytelling as its key business with the purpose of providing companies (presently around a hundred counting Total, Bick and Renault Nissan) profoundly simple reporting tools. Therefore the introduction of Software as a Service platform to aid companies to create made-to-order reporting applications on their own. This Studio is known as the Saas podium and is meant for data researchers, who can accordingly assist the IT divisions of Fortune 500 firms, consultants, analysts and integrators offer a reporting app to external or internal customers and in sequence internal data experts to firms to share their exploration effortlessly. With Toucan Toco Studio it becomes conceivable to make reporting apps based on the requirements of the operating figures and decision makers of big companies, deprived of having to compose a single code. This is owing to the in-built interface, for instance, which doesn’t necessitate expertise as a developer. For that, it can be supposed that with the education release Toucan Toco plans to democratize the formation of apps for data reporting and visualization for big firms. We perceive it quite frequently it is not simple for companies nowadays to share results and data easily. The raw data is quite problematic to read, and in its place, you require an at-glance approach at a glimpse, plus Studio even proffers the option of generating reporting apps that articulate a “business story” for every person of the Retail and Franchise Industry.

Boosting the franchise motivation

Involve all your franchisees, beginning from managers to the managerial committee with a modest and flawless mobile app on each device. Even if franchising is about an employing existent corporate model, you need to keep in mind the distinct franchisees are, for all purposes and intents, industrialists. Consequently, they need to feel they are in control. Decent franchise software offers your franchisees with personal enterprise resource planning software occasions. The franchise possessors shall have a unique software interface example plus to manage their sales, employees and suppliers. As a positive, there is a gigantic data pool to aid in sales forecasting and enhancing inventory levels.

Toucan Toco mission is to act as pedagogy to change multifaceted raw data into modest and beautiful data visualizations. Toucan Toco creates the Data Storytelling classification in Business Intelligence.