Tips on moving your bedroom business to an office nine-to-five


Business leaders have all been there. That eureka moment. When we’re driving through the fog of life with one headlight out and suddenly the mist thins and, just for a few seconds, everything becomes clear. Most people don’t act on the impetus to start a business a make a million and buy a yacht and name it after a spouse and have an expensive divorce and fight for weekend custody of the helicopter. Their loss. But if you did act, if you toiled, if you kept getting back up at every stage of those early knock backs and just kept on going like a crazed but determined house fly batting against a closed window, you may just be ready to say goodbye to the bedroom and say hello to the attic space above a bowling alley on the outskirts of town. Everybody starts somewhere. Here’s what you need.

Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

We’re starting with an obvious one, but if enough people don’t keep discovering your product or service, you’d better get comfortable in your starter office because that’s where you’ll be staying for a good long while. Marketing is a staple of business – elements such as outreach and social media advertising are commonplace. In fact, if you’re looking at moving your company to a business property, you probably accrued the required funds thanks to marketing tactics (word of mouth will only get you so far, after all). So how do you know if your marketing agency is really working hard for you – this is the perfect time to invest in an Agency Auditing Service. Find out where your marketing money really goes. Take the test and make sure you’re involved with the right marketing agency that values your best interests as much as you do.

Make the switch to cloud computing

One of the major setbacks lurking in the shadows of all newly established businesses is a failing IT infrastructure that cannot cope with rapid – or even tepid – expansion. So, you have your first business property. Awesome. The lights are on, the phone is ringing, and you’re even on first name terms with the landlord. Things are going well. But wait. What’s that under your desk? Is that a singular server? Handling data for the entire business? OK. No problem. For now. However, have you thought about how the two new staff members will impact load speeds? Have you compartmentalized the server to include a separate email server, phone server, and applications server? Orders are coming in fast. The server is overloaded. Nothing is working anymore. Staff and customers are irritable. And the server has just frazzled its way to a happier place, taking all your data with it. Migrate to cloud computing and benefit from scalable IT solutions whilst only paying for the services you need. Simple.

Office furniture – because sitting on the floor is just weird

A quick tip but nevertheless a valuable one is to save money on desks and chairs and assorted office paraphernalia by buying unneeded and unwanted refurbished furniture. Recycled furniture can save you a fortune – ideal for keeping costs low in your first office.