Top 10 Accounting Software for the Business


Accounting Software allows managing important and financial data organized and enhance clear and complete information for day-to-day operations in the business. These software systems are helpful for business owners while taking correct decisions in given time.
For keeping up the accounts, invoices, determining about the income, a correct programming is required. This software is intended for entrepreneurs, not for accountants, that implies that they have the adaptability to use by themselves. Cloud-based administrations screen any business from anyplace on any device, and there is no compelling reason to stress over on backups because the providers will take care of it.
This software has a mix of features which are unique and qualified. Every software explained below, commonly deals with purchases, payroll, time tracking, credit control and more. The following software systems provide different technical features which are helpful for any business type.

1. Profit Books

Profit Books is a simple online accounting software that helps in creating expert-level invoices and receive privileges from the customers in time. It helps in customizing invoices footers and numbers and allows to change a template.

They help in tracking and categorizing the expenses and maintain every record related to payments made to vendors, stock purchases, payables and more.
This software provides a single interface where all the bank transactions are taken care. It can control and maintain multiple warehouses, re-order level, transaction history at one place.

2. NetSuite

NetSuite provides interesting cloud ERP solutions for any sized company in every industry across the world. They offer full service on a business journey which ensures a clear transaction in live situations. They also provide training and technical support irrespective of the problem kind.

They are special in providing Professional services like Suite Success, Suite Solutions, Adoption Services, Suite Consulting with a functional wholesale distribution. They added international customers and product lines that had relinquished Microsoft NAV system logistics and inventory. Hence they require new system installations.


HDPOS Smart is a retail Billing and art Software that is intended to computerize retail billing counters and purpose of offering sale terminals. It is particularly great at taking care of stock and money related bookkeeping other than billing practices. This is a feature perfect application that can be utilized as a part of an assortment of retail outlets like for a market, clothing stores, shoe shops, coffeehouses, eateries, bookshops.

The highlights of HDPOS smart are not constrained just to retail outlets but rather it can likewise give a rich usefulness rundown to producers by keeping up the bill of materials, make arrangements, fabricating cost estimates.
HDPOS smart(Invoice Software) can be utilized by all sort of business set-ups beginning from little stores to expansive organizations with numerous stores and various departments. To help this, HDPOS smart(Billing System) offers stock exchanges starting with one area then onto the next, keeps up stock in travel and provide a fine control over stock administration activities.

4. Clear Books

ClearBooks give complete cloud accounting services to the business. According to Clear Books, it is easy to manage accounts and able to provide email and phone support. From CIS returns and MTD-complaint VAT returns to bank feeds and invoicing step, ClearBooks enhances their flexibility.

They can send an automatic reminder for payments and scheduled recurring invoices. In the construction field, it is easy to offer CIS returns to HMRC within a single action. They also import statements from a bank which allows easy transaction gateway. They help to establish a recurring bill and calculate the capacity using their simple tools.

5. Sage

Sage Software is an ERP, HCM, and CRM provider in India. It is a distributor of Sage Asia Pte Ltd for its CRM and ERP solutions through their partners like Sage X3, Sage 300, Sage CRM.

This software provides CRM, ERP and payroll solutions at a single place. They offer an actionable and insightful real-time access with a consolidated view. They also provide IT expenditures and reduced integration.
Business process management and improvement are made easy by Sage Software. They consistently provide flexible, persistent, and custom-friendly Payroll, ERP, CRM solutions.

6. Fresh Books

Fresh Books Accounting software helps to run a business easily, securely, and fastly. It helps to spend less time on accounting and more time doing his/her own work according to the business need. It helps to optimize and automate tasks like time management, invoicing, following up clients and organizing expenses in single clicks.

They integrate on cloud database so there is no worry about data loss and security. It can also provide secure access from phone, tablet, and desktop.

7. Xero

Xero is completely designed accounting software for small-scale business. They organize sending online invoices with payments options. It helps to record inventory and manage stock, and can easily add items into orders and invoices.

They provide a Dashboard to track cash flows and have a quick glance. Xero’s simple payroll tool helps to track employee payroll data.
A business owner can become profitable by tracking the money and time spent on jobs using Xero software. It helps to pay bills and reduce admin work in the business.

8. Wave

Wave is an accounting software which is completely free, accountant-approved and secure. It helps to create and send expert estimates, invoices, and receipts in few seconds. It directly helps to track the status of payment and invoices to expect income into a bank account. Most of their invoices payment accept credit cards.

With their receipt scanning and bank connections, it is easy to track income and expenses easily. Stop worrying about lost transactions and exclude manual data entry, and be active in terms of tax course without fear. Enhance guaranteed Pay to entire team effortlessly. Use online pay stubs and direct deposit to save run-around time.

9. is an online based accounting software for sending electronic invoices, ACH payments and payment alerts. Problem resolution is easy and it takes less time to attract users. It helps users directly receive automatic invoice reminders. It helps to send ACH payments or mail paper checks to contractors and vendors.

Try to skip data entries, speed up account agreement, and improve the accuracy of records with It gives a real-time view of cash flows. Manage bill payment via across any devices like phone, tablet or desktop.

10. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a GST- based accounting software which allows an easy sending of invoices, tracking inventory, generating reports, filing GST returns, and managing bank transactions.

Send transactions into GST portal, calculate tax and instantly register returns from Zoho Books. Easy to send invoices to clients and receive payments online. It helps to work in a group- with accountants and colleagues at no extra cost. It helps to control inventory levels and create reorder steps to replace the stock.


All the above software has a common feature in providing invoices and tracking the records firmly to reduce the responsibilities of accountants. Hence all these software help in promoting a business into next level with scope and accuracy, so try them.