Top 10 Alternatives for Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator is software used for creating vector graphics. It is developed adjacent to Adobe Photoshop as a companion product. Adobe Illustrator is for creating graphics, logos, fonts, and cartoons for the realistic layouts of Adobe Photoshop.
Grasp all the drawing tools that help to turn simple shapes and colors into modern icons, graphics, and logos. The artwork is vector-based, so it looks good and pleasant and can compute down for mobile screens. Adobe Illustrator helps in including a company into a logo, mockup a website structure with best tools. To create typographic designs that match the necessity, Adobe Illustrator helps to add effects, edit unique characters and manage styles. They have more than 130 desktop fonts and more than 800 web fonts from the free service -Typekit font.
As Adobe Illustrator is costly and the significantly prolonged learning curve for beginners, there are relevant alternatives. Below is the best alternative list for Adobe to handle vector graphics effectively.

1. Inkscape

Inkscape is an excellent choice among the available options like Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, Xara X, Corel Draw. Use of SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics), an open XML-related W3C standard sets a native style. All Inkscape projects are format-friendly to business printer rooms or web browsers. It supports and runs on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

It is free and available to drill into the source code. It is intended to give every user community with a useful and reliable product. The process is community-oriented which focuses on extensibility and small core. More information can be dragged out from their Contribute page.

2. Sketch

Sketch is a design toolkit that helps in creating the best out of the earliest ideas and drive to final work. It helps in transforming the designs into associative prototypes. Their digital design toolkit is so bigger to add simple animations, link Artboards, and convert static screens into easily clickable prototypes.

Using Sketch cloud, it becomes easy to share interactive prototypes with colleagues and clients and get quick feedback. With their libraries, it is easy to share and collaborate Symbols with others across all other documents.

3. Google Drawings

Google Drawings is a lightweight drawing application in the Google Drive Suit. But it does not have all the related features like Adobe Illustrator or Sketch. For quick drawings, it is easy to use and relatively helps in reducing the time. They can export to png, pdf, SVG, and jpg format.

Using Google Drawings, a user can create diagrams, concept maps, flowcharts, visual storyboards and more. It is a free app that is available for anyone with a Google account. A user can collaboratively work on different computers at different locations on same Drawings.
The user can embed drawings into a webpage or can share via a link. It helps to engage students and develop creativity and collaboration.

4. Xara Designer Pro X

Xara Designer Pro X is a software that includes photo editing, DTP, web design, and photo editing illustration features of Graphic Designer, Page and Layout Designer and Premium Web Designer.

It is an all-in-one creative tool. Within a complete and consistently integrated interface, Xara Designer Pro X provides design tasks that require more than 3 “suite” programs like web graphics, websites, page layout and more.
It is best on high-performance, complex vector rendering engines. With their high-resolution photos, quick process, and intricate illustrations, it is easy to experiment on individual creativity.

5. Foxit PhantomPDF Editor

Foxit PhantomPDF Editor transforms how documents are modified and managed. For acquiring industry best editing capabilities, Foxit PhantomPDF Editor fosters collaboration, security, and smooth management. It is fit for any size company to create, edit, collaborate, comment and organize scan and OCR, export, sign PDF forms, documents.

PhantomPDF is from ConnectedPDF and is a typical PDF editor and a cloud-based service. It is a leading technology that provides ConnectedPDF Security that grant and denies the document access. It can also track users who open documents and notify readers about new updates.

6. Boxy SVG

Boxy SVG is an official format for collecting vector graphics over the internet like maps, charts, illustrations, icons, and infographics. Their goal is to create the excellent SVG editor for skilled web designers and developers and non-technical customers. With a single click, browse more fonts and import them into Boxy SVG editor. Even try including WOFF2, WOFF, OTF, and TTF font files from external disk.

Hence there is no chance for exporting and importing the artwork every time. They edit and inspect underlying CSS code and SVG similar to Chrome Dev Tools. They also have 100 commands with flexible keyboard shortcuts.

7. Gravit

Gravit is a powerful application that came out of from Gravit Cloud and Gravit Designer. All the old designs are still available in the same account via new Gravit Designer. They have flexible and powerful 2nd rendering engine that fit any industry.

It is a complete free vector design application that is feasible for platforms like Chrome, Windows, Web, Linux, and Mac. With their best results, Gravit Klex helps to create meaningful and compelling designs for any business, or family and friends. Their collaboration strategy- one account and one workspace can create excellent free design tools.

8. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is smooth, fast, and powerful. Affinity Photo proceeds to drive the boundaries for expert photo editing software. With enormous toolset specially directed for photography and creative professionals for retouching images and editing full blown multi-layered works that have all the power and performance.

For using time in complete retouch and quicker corrections, Affinity Photo has everything to do. Apart from the usual clone, blemish, burn, patch, dodge, and red eye tools, there are almost magical frequency separation, inpainting brush capabilities, and built-in features.

9. Photoshop

Photoshop is a classification of Adobe Systems is a graphics editor for Mac and Window users. From attractive logos to beautiful icons, easy banners to innovative websites, Photoshop holds the design responsibilities. They provide easy templates that are suitable to use by a new user and create something interesting.

To turn snapshots into artworks, and looking for total transformations and everyday edits, Photoshop offers a complete toolset. The general features that include in it are adjusting, retouching, editing old photos and play with colors and effects to convert ordinary into extraordinary.

10. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is in use by 3 million+ creators around the world. It is specially made by comic artists and illustrators to create innovative work. It is a successor to Manga Studio, an essential graphics software by the creators of comics, manga, and cartoons. It offers a specific feature in drawing cartoons and comics in an improvised manner.

Clip Studio Assets provide access to a vast library of downloadable content like tones, brushes, 3D models for free. There is always a new experience in adding new content to edit. Original material is kept online throughout the world.

These alternatives preferably help in diverting from a highly-paid version of Adobe Illustrator to make sure the activities happen similar to it. All the editing strategies like creating cartoons and other animation become very simple with any of the above list.