Top 10 Best Electronic Signature Apps


Following the usual documental procedure for any transaction performed in a company might consume lots of time. Especially in corporate culture, the use of paper is reduced totally and is replaced with the electronic devices and machines. However, having a database collectively in a single place might reduce the risk of adopting new storage spaces in the companies.
Performing effective paperless office these days require effective tools. Certainly, there are many companies that came up with excellent and easiest methods that replace the use of traditional machines. Finding out the fax machines, digital signature apps, and mobile scanners is a bit tricky thing. There are so many best apps that are available with a great infrastructure and which could offer several categories of services.
But for making the work simplified, the below are the top 10 apps that are used to scan, sign, fax digitally.

1. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is normally meant for its unique features like e-signature solutions. It helps users complete their forms and contracts sooner so as to concentrate more on other tasks.
Take a look at their special tour that includes everything that delivers.

All their terms and pricing were simple and clear. It will be flexible and convenient for individuals as well as teams. Swipe and tap options are its simplifications that attract users. From a browser, in any device, the user can log in and perform signature tasks and so on easily.

2. SignNow

SignNow follows 3 simple steps upload, sign, manages that would close the procedure so soon avoiding the paperwork. It is allowed to create legal e-signatures on any device. It has ranked as the leading software by G2 Crowd which is a leading review platform.
G2 Crowd stood as the best comparison tool that determines the suitable tool that fit for the purpose of the business. It provides SOC 2 Type II Security and remains as the key characteristic.

It allows users to request additional documents, set completion notifications, send the document for signing, allows signature forwarding, set a signing order for the templates, accepts bulk Invites, creates document signing link, resends the signing invite, requires signers to draw the signature, requests payments and creates freeform invites and so on.

3. HelloSign

HelloSign created a new trend in the market with specific customer service and customization and a free e-Signature plan. It has a powerful API to embed signing options in the documents. It is complaint free with a common recognition from the worldwide laws and even offers a set of extensions.

Their prices are also convenient for any type of users. The free plan offers 3 documents a month and with $13/month pro plan allows 5 senders and for the business plan, the price is $40/month. It provides a 30-day trial to ensure the qualities before purchase. It supports both Android and iOS operating systems.

4. SignEasy

SignEasy has trusted more than 100,000 experts around many big and small companies. It helps to reduce omissions and errors by simply adding fields to the documents and the user can track status and remind to expedite the signers. It allows frequently saving of documents as the templates.

Whether it is a contract or a business that has to be signed by the client, SignEasy makes it effective and accurate with the prior approval letter from the managers across the world.

5. RightSignature

RightSignature is special for its delivery speed. The speed that has been taken in sending the document to the client is so fast. This enables users to format, upload, and send documents easily. It is meant for providing API integration as well. Within 60seconds of time, the e-Signature will be finished upon the NDAs, contracts and so on.

It is special in impressing clients with secure and legal binding software. It gained award-winning support and delivers easy-to-use methods and steps. The administrative time can be reduced to a maximum of 93%.

6. DocuSign

DocuSign a powerful e-Signature solution that has 200,000 users in the market. It is intuitive and integrates with many 3rd party tools. It has a suite of API and allows custom integration as a forefront solution.

It has a deep concern for security and storage of the data used in the e-Signature process. Both in the US and Europe, it got high-level security certifications. It allows users to scale globally.

7. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is streamlined as a best user-interface cum easy-to-use application. It offers a large document management panel that includes drag-and-drop integration, complete audit histories, and automated workflows. Its integration contributes payment, CRM, and file storage applications. It supports both iOS and Android device and has a built-in e-signature feature that would be worth considering.

8. eSignLive

eSignLive views itself as the best e-Signature software among the large companies with a demand for robust security features. It has the most enviable clients like IBM and BMW.

Their attractive selling point is that it should be used on the premises of a cloud-based service with has a valid integration option for desktop and mobile devices. It can be firmly used by the small business to implement their specifications in a limit with available intuitive applications and features. Based on the utility volume they provide plans that suit the potential.

9. Signable

Finding for the acceptance from the client is a bit laggy business. Signing on the critical documents is most important in the legal stages. Signers are allowed to sign on any device online quickly so that it is made secure and hence to ensure that the document is legally bound. Every document or contract processed through Signable configures to certain regulations that are under the court of laws.

10. KeepSolid

KeepSolid Sign advances its features in security and emphasis secure storage of the data with legal verifiable signature specialties. It has a varied mobile compatibility and has the capacity to host integration that can be implemented in any workspace.

It can be used for both personal and business purposes and at affordable prices. It is basically used in the fields of HR, Sales, Real Estate, and Service Provision.
It also provides many learning solutions for e-signatures and its usefulness in the market over a wide range of applications.


Most of the people reluctantly look for transitions in the routine process. There will be something that can inherit the odd one out. At the bottom line, there has to be something unique that is more satisfying. Squiggling with the best one can make the positive benefit for the user as well as their team.
Beyond the available applications, choose one that is suitable with the needs and requirements. The solution which is simple and offers better options for e-Signature can bring a huge number of customers and have a secured agreement and lessen the mistakes.