Top 10 Recruiting Software for your Business


Recruiting software is a classification of HRM(Human Resource Management) that deals with the process of posting the jobs and finding the new talent for the vacancies available in a company. Recruiting helps to identify the complete hiring activities to make a company easier to hire the new joiners.
Within the activity from posting jobs to targeting the candidates to interviews, recruiting software takes care of entire hiring process. By reducing paperwork and allowing complete candidate search activity, the software helps companies to find and recruit the new employee.
With the availability of many recruiting software in the market, there are some best choices which can be purchased in, beside their features and uses.


APS software is easier and distinct Payroll tool. This is flexible for small and medium companies. It deals with some special features like Attendance management, Time management, Schedule, and Benefits management. It consumes less time to manage all their functions.

Advantages of APS are:
1. It covers the major activities like Performance Management, Training Management, Reimbursement Management, Leave Management, Expense Management, Document Management, Workflow Management, and Employee Self Service Management.
2. Their intuitive interface gives quick adoption and empowers job seeker to find the right job.


PCRecruiter software is specialized in Main Sequence. It has been selected 3000 times by recruiters and around 22,000 users rely on PCRecruiter every day. PCRecruiter performs reporting, compliance, flexibility for the demand on globalization, and technical architecture.

Advantages of PCRecruiter are:
1. As a part, it provides Candidate Management and Interview Management.
2. It deals with Internal HR process, Resume Search, Job Requisition, and Posting process, and has a self-service portal.
3. It has a special feature called Bulk Resume Parsing which allows converting differently formatted resumes into XML format which is preferred for storing of resumes.


BambooHR helps in growing people and become productive through their training. It is flexibly designed that everyone can use it. Their reports and integration are really good. Their strategy is- Better HR software creates a great experience which increases engagement and retention.

Advantages of BambooHR are:
1. They provide automated time off requests in user HR system called Time off Tracking. This makes user free from sticky notes.
2. Their Application Tracking System helps recruiters and HR find the best candidates.
3. E-signatures in BambooHR save money, time, and trees which in turn reduces the paperwork.


Lever, a software for simplifying Applicant Tracking System(ATS) and handling completely on the hiring process. Their hiring managers and recruiters directly target their candidates who approach for the jobs.

Advantages of Lever are:
1. They provide automation through Integrated sourcing tools, Job board distribution, 2-way email sync, custom careers page, Email drip campaigns.
2. They deliver business insights through pipeline predictions, pre-built, and customizable features.
3. It has ease of use in collaboration and drives adoption through native integration, intuitive workflow.

Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software(UltiPro) tends to keep payroll and HR professionals to speed on with the available trends in the market. There is a chance of gaining information to deepen the relationship with people. HCM experts created these resources who are especially committed business analysts and partners.

Advantages of Ultimate Software are:
1. UltiPro combines all aspects of Payroll, talent management, and HR in a single cloud solution which reflects business benefits and capital management for the organization.
2. It is termed to be the most functional and flexible payroll engine, their UltiPro handles requirements and payroll computations in simple steps for the employees in Canada and U.S.
3. Their learning solutions deliver the latest management functions and person-centric access to training and developing the people.


JobVite is the first candidate engagement platform that engages the job seeker from the first interaction, this interaction is termed as Continuos Candidate Engagement.
It accelerates recruiting in an easy-to-use ATS, mobile-optimized career sites, advanced analytics, onboarding, social recruiting skills, integration with any HR systems.

Advantages of JobVite are:
1. It has a great ability to grab the first impression with a demanding career website and create targeted campaigns and built talent sections.
2. While increasing internal process more effectively, their digital onboarding experience hires new ones on their first day itself.


Keka is the easiest Payroll for India. It has unified and fully integrated workflow that does payroll process easier and comfortable. It is an employee-centric platform focusing on user experience and reduced complex workflows.

Advantages of Keka are:
1. It provides all-in-one payroll software to manage and pay salaries to the employees regularly.
2. Their integrated workflows are used to handle attendance, bonuses, leave, revisions and everything related to the concern.
3. In case of compliant strategies, Statutory Compliance functionality protects from any disturbances.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is designed for both corporate HR recruiters and staffing agencies. It helps to find best candidates, bring the entire team together and make data-driven and informed decisions.

Advantages of Zoho Recruit are:
1. They provide effective tools to effectively track applicants from the candidate database. So it is easy to focus on the requirement.
2. Provides access to custom tabs, modules, records, and personalize organization settings.
3. It is able to create groups and assign sections and control what data recruiters can view or not.


Greenhouse is a candidate tracking system and a recruiting software designed to optimize entire process of recruiting. It can be used prominently to find a better candidate, make data-driven decisions and conduct target interviews. They provide comprehensive live and virtual training, support options.

Advantages of Greenhouse are:
1. Greenhouse is aware of important information about the candidate and makes sure that it is not hacked or driven by any other. They have permissioning systems which are supposed to display only few information. Entire candidate information can also be made private using their permissioning systems.
2. Achieving SOC 2 and ISO 27001 support, and verified by 3rd party examiners, Greenhouse has a powerful security program making sure that the data is safe.


TalentRecruit has produced a range of recruitment software solutions provided end-to-end platforms that ensure the standard for recruiters to select a candidate with automated workflows operated by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Their mission is to become a unique recruitment software provider with their innovative solutions, and superior technology.

Advantages of TalentRecruit are:
1. Through a single platform, they can manage the complete recruitment process.
2. It helps to increase recruitment performance by 100% and reduce the hiring cost by 50%.
3. It can intensify the outreach to passive and active job seekers and enable multi-level candidate performance process.


All the above-discussed software somehow helps in developing a recruiting organization. This software generally provides security and basic functionalities which kept handy in their sections. Visit all their websites and grab some more interesting and basic features.