Top 10 Best SEO resources and blogs to learn


SEO is a fast-growing and dynamic system. People usually spend lots of time in Tweets, RSS feeds, and blogs to know what is relevant, what is changing, what is trendy, what is not. Obtaining the right information from the right resource is not easy. Proper and appropriate information from the right resources gives SEO a bright part in the business. Eventually, anyone can create and publish a blog and claim to be an expert.
While on the internet today, there is no worry about resources that are responsible for giving the perfect answers about SEO. But while locating some important blogs, it came to a clarification that- Everything that is read is not trustworthy.
Never believe in bad advice and suggestions. With the fast-growing world of digital marketing, the below blogs are relevant and helpful in the development of SEO efforts.
These blogs are suggested by successful experts with the latest update and with the ease towards learning new technology. These are pretty good and reliable and are useful in testing the tactics and strategies of SEO .

1. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is founded in 2003. It provides industry analysis, news, guides, and insights for all the search marketers. Their core importance is given towards SEO, SMM, and Content Marketing.

Daily, a stream of featured updates and news are adviced by SEJ staff. Regular webinars are organized with a varied respect and experienced knowledge within the community of experts, influencers, authorities on Search Engine Nerds Podcast. SEJ also hosts an extensive conference SEJ Summit on networking and education.

2. Moz

Moz is a widely heard name among the SEO professionals and is almost among the market-best blogs today. Newly, they have published the step-by-step guide for redesigning the website, conversion optimization and many more.

Weekly, four to five posts will be published on their portal. Their famous feature is Whiteboard Friday, experts teach a large topic of SEO, content creation, search engines, and more in a breakdown pattern via Whiteboard Friday lesson.

3. Hubspot Blog

Hubspot Blog is not just an SEO blog, it is usually a complete package of digital marketing interface. The blogs they include mostly consists of videos and images. Multiple formats were explained here and no matter that is easily digested by the reader.
The snippets used by them contain beautifully structured information and description from the top-ranking websites and related software.

Hubspot separates their blog into 3 parts-sales, marketing, customer success. It is completely a marketing hub that concludes every single information regarding marketing. On the other hand, it provides an interface for learning new advancements in the market.

4. Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google new updates and news are seen on Google Webmaster Central Blog. This blog gives updates on indexing, crawling, and ranking.

When a new feature is released, helpful reminders on the trendy topics were published here and it is made to learn about new updates and tools(search console). Google SEO starter guide has been launched in 2017, it is worth reading, every detail is been described interestingly. A new and recent blog post is “The new Search Console is graduating out of Beta”.

5. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is certainly one of the day-to-day productions today. They cover all parts of the search marketing news, including patterns, highlight presentations, and products changes. The site is driven by Editor-In-Chief Matt McGee, who administers the article group behind Search Engine Land and its sister distribution, Marketing Land. Their domain authority is 90 so it is most popular among others. Their recent post is “Google’s exact match close variants expand again: Now include same meaning variations”.

6. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg was created in the year 2006 by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah. It is a testing platform that helps many SEOs to get the latest and updated information approximately. The blog is known to be the content machine a heat map software that visualizes the visitors. Resources that are placed are hard-boiled. Their recent day blogs provide information that relates to the successful SEO and the traffic that is drawn.

Every post is described through a funnel that moves towards the recommendations to the next step, mapping the analytics to track the effectiveness. Their recent post is “What is Customer Retention, Importance, Examples & Techniques”.

7. Clickz

Clickz is founded in 1997 and is evolving as the famous marketing blog. The newest evolution related articles were posted daily on this blog. Leaving the past, it is the time to explore new benefits daily.

The topic covered here are virtual reality, augmented reality, cryptocurrency and blockchain, AI and bots. Marketers derive use cases on the basis of these methods. This blog has a huge domain authority of 84 wherein firmly rank high on SERP. Their recent blog is “Q&A with Amobee following the acquisition of Videology”. Industry-based updates and tips are also been disclosed here.

8. SEMrush Blog

SEMrush blog came from the creator of the competitive research and popular keyword tool. Covering SEO, content marketing, and PPC, and is easy to find the fresh post every day through the members of industry experts and SEMrush team.

Their recent post is “Google News Digest: Display Ads, New Featured Snippets, and a Rebranded Google Drive”. SEMrush domain authority is 82. This blog makes a good work of providing productional and informational blogs while not going over.


For optimizing the website, content is must and getting that useful and needy content from the right people is tricky. BuzzSumo researches the most recent data and reports the link with a summary of key features which is easy to click and access. It allows the complete and elaborative report over the data without any personal submission of data.

Consequences and the best results were mentioned in the post clearly. This brings out interest in reading the next article. This blogging website has 78 domain authority. Their recent post is “20 Examples Of Truly Engaging Interactive Content (Updated)”.

10. Yoast SEO for everyone

Yoast is one such blog that provides basic highlights of plugins and SEO based results that terminate the user to work conveniently and effectively. It is the best site for eCommerce that have a multiple importance these days. Site visitors cannot find complete results in a single post. The overall website can be linked in a post so as the brief detail can be known easily.

Their recent post is “First things first: writing content with the inverted pyramid style”. Their domain authority is 81. The blog gives WordPress, Content SEO, Analytics, Technical SEO, SEO basics, User Experience, eCommerce related information in their blogs.


SEO is something that cannot be learned once neither have a complete detailing in it. It’s a foundation that consistently advances as search engine make updates and experiment with new things. Thinking about how well the site is performing, more often than require an eye on SEO tips, updates, tricks which are canvassed in the above article.
All the information mentioned above will help those who are passionate about making their SEO foundation strong and authorized. It is suggested to go deeper into each blog and let the information be spread around.