Top 10 best SEO software


Search engine optimization involves complex and tiresome set of possible activities. SEO is a continuous process of driving traffic to the website. With lack of correct and proper SEO, the ranking, and popularity of website goes down. Only when SEO is properly done on the website, eventually it increases the ROI.
To perform SEO tasks, two options are available. One is manually doing SEO, or use SEO software. Doing SEO manually would not be fast in giving the desired results, but using SEO software can ensure that the website is properly and securely optimized for consistent and better search engine traffic.
So here in this article, get to know about the best SEO software tools that greatly helps to optimize and promote the website. These are the powerful and advanced Software available in the present market.


Ahrefs provides different tools for increasing search traffic, find the competition behind and monitor the niche. It is defined to be a most popular keyword research tool in the present market. It helps to get more than 1000 keywords with a precise search volume. It can help to know Keyword Difficulty score.

Helps to review the current ranking history and SERP of top search results. For deeper reviews, it uses advanced metrics. To save keyword ideas for future instance, it uses lists.
By crawling entire web stores, it generates petabytes of data about live streaming websites like what keywords they rank for in search engine results page and can know how linking is built between each other. With complex keyword research strategies and monthly search volume, it processes a huge volume of clickstream data to handle the third party database of the search queries.


MOZ is one of the best software where 5 billion searches are actioned in a single day. It was developed by Gillian Muessig and Rand Fishkin. MOZ formally called SEOmoz which is existed from the inspiration of DMOZ, ChefMoz, and Mozilla.

MOZ deals with SEO which is one of the least transparent and least understood aspects of digital marketing. They simplify SEO through their community, software, and education.
It helps to find and learn how to repair or fix technical SEO issues that may cause damage to the site’s ability to gain high-quality rank, traffic or to be indexed by the search engines. Moz Pro monitors on missing title tags, broken redirects and many more.


SERPSTAT helps to benefit from competitor’s experience in appealing leads through paid and organic search and can improve SEO, PPC effects, and the content.

It helps to get a list of profitable and proven keywords that niche leaders and competitors use to rank high in search results. It allows comparing the keywords to different indicators like cost-per-click, search volume, competition level.
The combined impact of building consistent, high-quality content and using the relevant keywords will hit the domain and its pages to rank high. Develop web content with tested keyword changes to completely optimize the pages.

Web Ceo

WebCeo has a wide range of intuitive interface that allows a user to quickly access data efforts on different campaigns. It is built for professional SEO experts and has everything to deal with. It provides 15 online tools named rank checker, keyword tool, SEO Auditor, competitor research tool. It is categorized for both small businesses and corporations, agencies.

It can alter according to the individual strategies for any type of website, whether it is individually owned or by their clients. SEO team management is driven out by SEO lead generation tools, a journal of events, SEO task manager and many more. It can create a white label SEO for a user-owned domain.

Advanced Web Ranking

Many SEO experts worldwide make use of Advanced Web Ranking cloud on daily basis and grow their business. It enhances more time in optimizing and consumes less time in monitoring. AWR cloud is a web-based rank tracker that is accomplished to deliver localized ranking with great accuracy.

On Comparision with other position trackers, Advanced Web Ranking cloud enables to optimize the use of resources and the cost to gain rankings. According to the business needs, a user can gather ranking to their site automatically and can enjoy the results, or get relevant data on-demand.
AWR cloud grant access to campaigns for team members and many of their clients and can easily assign specific read or write permissions, so they can edit or visualize the data when required.


Raven can generate White label reports with best performance metrics from Search Console, Facebook, Bing Ads, and Google Analytics, and provides best SEO tools. It deals with automated reports, Backlink data, Site Audits and more.

Using Raven a user can create comprehensive and custom SEO and PPC marketing report in few minutes. Eventually schedule them to be sent monthly, weekly, or quarterly. It can access more than 20 data connectors, including Google Adwords, Search Analytics, Google Analytics from Google search console, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and many more.

Authority Lab

Authority Lab provides reliable and accurate keyword insights and web search rankings information. There is no concept of downloading and handling contracts, it can share the reporting with the entire team and also with all their clients. It helps to track local ranking, and automate SEO monitoring and recover keywords with industry-leading software.

It provides day to day rank analysis on all accounts to enhance the opportunity to respond to the changes in search results. For granular and accurate reporting it tracks search results at postal code and city level. It has a capacity to easily add pages or domains that can be tracked from any languages offered by Yahoo, Bing, and Google.


Semrush provides a complete workflow for SEO professional. It delivers semantic core collection. It gives ideas to attract organic traffic. It provides competitive intelligence. Position tracking can be taken care. It deals with analytics and backlinks audit.

Semrush helps to improve results of PPC efforts by keyword grouping and management, creative searches and Ad keywords, and also by Ad strategy analysis. It builds effective social media strategies and discovers most prominent posts. It helps to get instant insights into social strategy.

Reach local

Reach local provides a deep analysis of digital advertising, web presence, lead management, and marketing automation. Get to know more about Reach Local search engine marketing solutions.

Through ReachEdge, it is easy to listen to calls, review leads and can work out in classifying leads, tagging lead, and adding notes for a future follow up. With simplified marketing tools, a user can send marketing-related emails to alert or prospect the staff to a new lead, so as to close more sales.


SpyFu reveals the secret of marketing formula of most successful competitors. With the smart recommendations from SpyFu, it is easy to drive clicks to Adwords campaigns and SEO. On Google, Yahoo, and Bing it can monitor SEO rankings. It can generate sales lead and build partnerships, reliable contact info which helps better.

Adwords competitor Spy tool helps to search a competitor and download PPC keywords. There are no download limits and can identify the number of clicks they get and pay for that keyword. It provides recommendations for PPC Negative keyword match. Adwords advisor provides a clear-cut direction based on competitor’s growth. Try to benefit buy recommendations for keywords that are missed till now.


The above entire discussion doesn’t provide complete and in-depth information. Above software tools provide free features, try implementing them and grab more information. Try taking a next step in increasing the growth level of the business in terms of SEO.