Top 10 Digital Skills Every Tech Company Need


According to the recent studies, it is noted that there will be 12% increase in the opportunities for tech employment. These lead jobs that become a great choice for the IT professionals and freshers. With the expected increase in these fields, biomedical engineering, web development, and cybersecurity will rapidly have growth in the competition ahead. These make the individuals acquire jobs that are fit for their skill set and ability.
On the other hand, employers look for those candidates who are balanced and possesses the right skills and a perfect resume that can make value for their position in the company. They usually look for the candidates who generally have the ability to manage and communicate in the tech space and remain as a potential candidate. This approach of identifying new and updated talents in the market require experience. For example, tech companies require a distinct type of employees than regular. While in that, the following are the top 10 digital skills they should look for:

1. Mobile App Development

Mobile App development has been one of the highest demand in the present day. It is a process of making applications available for mobile devices that can be used for enterprise level or for the personal work. These can be pre-installed or delivered as the web applications via client-side or server-side processing like JavaScript within a web browser. The mobile app developers should concentrate on the screen size and hardware specifications with the intense competition.

Though there are many simplified and inbuilt software, the total background will be run using multiple programming languages like HTML5, Python, C, C++, Java, C#, Swift, and so on. However, application developers with UI and UX design skills can render value for the project management.

2. Digital Marketing

To market and promote products and services, most of the tech companies look for digital marketing, however, it is valued more today and made as a trend that broadcasts the message to various networks as a key.

There are many methods and procedure in digital marketing like SEO, SMM, Adwords, Content Marketing, and so on which make branding for the service or product in terms of message or image or video. Tech companies generally require masters in digital marketing where they can deliver lots of measurable promotions and content.

3. Project management

It is a practice of planning, initiating, executing, controlling the work of the project to achieve certain goals that meet success at a specific time. Anyhow, the project is a temporary effort made to produce a unique product or service that is defined to meet the objectives and goals that typically brings added value and beneficial change to the company.

By no chance, tech companies concentrate more on developing the products and services under various projects that cater the right service at the right time. Employing the right person for handling it is also a major thing. Many methodologies like Agile and Scrum will be helpful.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Tech companies typically follow and understaff Artificial Intelligence. AI helps in finding the technology leaders who are specifically the important part of the team to manage the project. It may include data science, AI and great and experienced product specialists which may become a tough task for the companies too.

5. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity leads to the processes, technologies, and methods intended to guard devices, networks, data, and programs from damage, attack, or unlawful access.
In the present infiltration of networks and their services, there is a huge demand and increased need for cybersecurity. Companies need to ensure whether their protection policies are clear and are updated with the changing technologies. Pretend to check the data that is placed within the networks and keep an eye on the walls of the networks around.

Most of the business owners and stakeholders are becoming more aware of these misfortunes and are taking prior actions and precautions. The tech-based industries need to concentrate more on this subject where there is a chance of getting hacked by hackers. Expertise in network services and management is what they matter first.

6. Communication Skills and Cross-Team feature

Overlapping happens between various job functions and members of the company. This is where people should follow certain basic measures of interactions i.e, communication. It plays a vital role where every single word or sentence that relates the business is valid a lot.

Client interaction and discussion with them will happen in a procedural manner that involves fluent communication with each other. Projects usually require collaboration between designers, managers, marketers and everyone who belongs to a particular project database. A common language like English can make the work environment look polite and cool.

7. Social Media

Technology has migrated the traditional ways of business. Social media has become evident in present day where instant messaging and telecommunication now function more faster and secure with an internet connection. Many software and hardware applications and services came into action that portrays the need and necessity of the user. The businesses that are responsible for meeting their customers and service providers directly should be aware of the new and update technology. They should have a keen knowledge on how social technologies and networks are being influenced by the business.

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are trending in the market with their advantages. Social Media Managers are responsible for handling the campaigns and events firmly.

8. Skills To Envision, Design And Develop


With the developed innovations in the market, web designing and development has a new trend that is envisaged to deliver beautiful websites that grab the visitors interest. There are many companies who produce software and hardware implementations and features that are augmented in reality with machine learning. With the increased demand in the APIs and integrated chips, people with design, envision skills develop applications in every area. Tech companies usually strive for this.

9. Big Data

Big data is the process of adequately dealing with the data sets and the complex data that is used in the data-processing software. Data is distributed into various portions that require statistical power to deal with the complexity that can lead to false discovery rate.

Tech companies collect huge data that is valuable, however, the new innovation Big data helps in making the complex works simpler, for example, through data visualization tools. Data scientists who are capable of managing data has a good career in the future ages with a high demand for supply in this field.

10. Should become a habitat of new technology

The most important thing to concentrate on tech-based companies is to adapt to the technologies. Consider following the rules and methods of any technology that is aged up to 6 months or less than it. For those who are regularly updating and learning new technologies and adapting to implement them as soon as possible can no matter become experts in the market.


Hopefully, with the advanced technology and advanced variations, the above are the most important digital skills that should be considered. Tech businesses have a great scope of getting huge revenue from them certainly providing them with the right basics and inputs. However, all the learning material and data is available for free and a few must have to be purchased to know in detail about the course or subject. Tech companies have software that can make complex work simpler and comfortable.