Top 10 Event Management Software


Event management platforms deal with many tools to simplify the event planning procedure. These are used to manage conferences, events, meetings, and trade shows. Event organizers use these products or services to analyze the hosting process of an event from start to end with tools that manage marketing, payment processing, venue selection, attendee registration and more.

Following are top 10 event management Software that helps in managing the event.


RegFox is software to collect registrations. It does more at less cost. With RegFox it is easy to brand, have a layout, workflows and have personal messaging which consider the development. Their event registration pages are customizable to match the branding. It helps to design according to the individual wish.

There is no need for a programmer or a graphic designer to make or create an event registration page in a great way. RegFox gives everyone the design authority that is made easy to utilize with no technical knowledge. Their professionally designed themes can instantly be used for the event.


From minor dinners to the largest festivals, Eventbrite accomplishes more than 3 million live experiences every year. Whether a conference is hosted or handling a festival, running a class, Eventbrite technology helps to run quickly and can be accessed greatly on any device.

With Eventbrite, promoting the event 24/7, check-in-data, accessing real-time sales from any time is made easy. More than 50+ million active users are engaged in using this software. It has a great package of social sharing, leveraging event advertising, and performing industry level SEO.

With end-to-end checkout, it helps to reach target customers where they spend more time online and in turn, convert them into sales easily with partner sites.


To grow events using attendify, know about their attendee interaction and start using their insights. From initial stage to final stage they evolved an guesswork to build the event app quick and honest.

Utilize the rich list of event features to create a framework of the custom-branded app. Uploading the content is painless with attendify. Enter or add content in bulk using an open API or manually using intuitive interface. No guesswork required, it helps to instantly update the preview, according to the wish. Once done with the preview it starts publishing in app stores in few days. It converts the event app into a sleek site in few seconds.


Keeping up with the technology, events/meetings are changing which is not an easy task. The eBook provides a breakdown of how an event management trend fit into every single stage of event lifecycle.

CVent is an easy-to-use online event management tool that helps to navigate each and every aspect of event management process. It also helps to increase engagement and attendance. It provides strategic integrations and award-winning, powerful reporting and 24/7 customer service.

It provides an end-to-end platform for business success in creating a qualified demand for any group, it can effectively manage the demand and measure the business group performance.


EventBank creates effective organizations of any size using their engagement management solutions. They have a capacity to create chambers of commerce from multinational enterprise and ability to create associations and NGOs from small associations. It is termed to be the best system to manage and organize an event with 300+ people through their smart bilingual event editing content system, fast check-in approach and event page templates.

With the award-winning solutions in Eventbank, a user can streamline the operations that include membership management, email marketing, payments processing, CRM, event management and mobile apps. Try connecting with members and attendees on a personal level and let them connect and engage with the organization with an EventBank app from anywhere. For growing the community take care of the security. Connect with their expertise in a situation that runs into roadblocks.


Bizzabo is a holistic platform which provides useful tools for a team to create rewarding events, while it helps to grow events in a never imagined perspective. Business target is people, while live events are key factors of a great business. User conferences, company retreats, recruiting events, internal training bring together a meaningful experience.

For creating a live event into a meaningful revenue stream, Bizzabo helps publishers to run more impactful and profitable events using different beautiful, innovative and simple event planning platform. For driving meaningful brand, marketing Agencies analyze that live events are best. This platform will help in managing events for many clients and craft engaging experience that attendees need more.

Ticket Tailor

Using Ticket Tailor helps in creating an account and obtaining access to their control panel which is user-friendly to manage the events, orders, ticket types, and everything else. A simple setup process is used to guide when there is a problem.

Can track sales with sales analytics graphs and use tracking links to observe where sales turn out. It provides easy, instant set up. It can handle events of all sizes and shapes. Can set up ticket allocations and multiple events. Ticket Tailor manages customer orders and checks sales summaries. Discount codes and voucher codes are available here.


Get started to signup with SignUpGenius in minutes with intuitive step-by-step templates and create huge online sign-ups to simplify volunteer coordination and event planning. Invite participants and enable that everyone is updated with flexible and easy messaging options.

With simple sign up options recruit many participants that drag the pain of event and help in volunteer coordination. Gather a large number of groups and create a complex online sign up using reporting and advanced tools. It helps to collect money from easy payments through online sign-ups. With the help of expert customer support team and event planning guides and resources organize the event are dragged to the next level.


With comparison to other event software, Caterease is one of the best full-featured programs that provide all the tools which are needed for the business. It helps to get instant access to get important data that is required wherever and whenever.

Caterease helps to directly generate leads with custom, branded forms on organization’s website which can be converted into events. Let the customer book their own order quickly and easily according to their wish using Online Zuppler ordering. It can easily send an electronic document and enable tracking through their signature.


EventZilla’s registration questions help to collect relevant data like food preferences, company, designation and more from event attendees during registration. With this software, a user can create discount codes to offer special pricing for the customers. These discount codes expire if used many times or after a certain date.

Using mobile devices 40% of ticket sales happen. Using EventZilla user can create a mobile-friendly event page and attendees can register and able to pay for the tickets via Smartphone, Desktop, Tablets.


All these event management software somehow help an organization to appeal great conversions in creating events and develop their branding. Try using all the tools to get a brief knowledge of creating events.