Top 10 Inbound Marketing Tools

Inbound Marketing by Simone Philipp Management

Inbound Marketing is growing with the advanced technology and media. The method of advertising the business is changed from newspaper, banners, Radio, TV promotions to the online method of advertising. With this marketing transformation, there is a valuable chance of gaining more customers to the company.
Online Marketing has become one of the best trends for promoting the company services and products. It indirectly makes people understand the value of the product. With the evolution, Inbound Marketing came into action. Below is the detailed description of what inbound marketing is and what tools that boost the website traffic.

Inbound Marketing

A marketing technique that draws customers in order that the marketers don’t need to put efforts to promote their services and products. This method attracts visitor attention by enabling the visibility of the company to its audience.
Inbound Marketing helps any company to represent their content and products so as to attract and gain high profits from their services. Eventually, it has been treated as the best way to share the content worldwide.
For running an inbound marketing campaign there are a few tools that help any company to earn visitors to the website to generate customers, leads. Through these campaigns, trustworthy relationships can be built.
The following are the tools for driving ideal customers and website traffic to the company website.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that is globally recognized. Morethan 137,000 professionals have globally certified with HubSpot and transformed their business ways and methods. Start adding a global certification to LinkedIn profile for free. Develop strategies for inbound marketing that delivers profitable business results.

HubSpot inbound community can help in the latest campaigns and is served as an extension of a company sales and marketing team. 61% of traditional marketing is transformed with inbound leads. Most of the sales teams approach for HubSpot Inbound Marketing for their company to grow effectively.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo drives content detection to the next level using advanced social search. BuzzSumo is a powerful analytics tool for social media that enables users to analyze and get quality content in any industry.

This is one of the best content marketing tools that help in improving the outreach and influence marketers by searching key influencers in any area and follow them directly in BuzzSumo. The users of BuzzSumo can export the obtained results like influencers, content curators, and the most shared content into Excel file and a CSV for getting a detailed analysis.

3. Buffer

Among multiple social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+; Buffer has become one of the great sources of staggering content. It manages all the social media posts across commonly used channels. It has a capacity to share the posts and tracks the developed links record. It helps in finding the appropriate and most tracked content. It is secure and user-friendly.

Buffer has a distinctive free creation tool called Pabal that is used to design images instantly for the social media posts. The app has downloaded images which can be used directly and also has the advantage to upload JPEG and PNG images.

4. HootSuite

HootSuite is integrated with 25 Social media networks. This is a right tool for workflow features, great engagement, analytics, and for managing the campaigns. The overall target this specific tool provides is the valuable engagement with the audience.
There is a finite possibility of using this tool for many instances to respond to the comments and messages that are seen in social media networks. These valuable information detail responses can be saved for further.

HootSuite provides the communication interface between the customers in specific to language, location, and demographics and eventually target them for sharing and managing posts. In addition to the above, this tool is a learning platform for all the social marketing techniques.

5. Copify

Copify is also one among the best content and inbound marketing tools where there is no separate content writer employed. All their staff is responsible for and are qualified to deliver all kinds of data that include blogs, website content, eCommerce, article, email writing content, and press-related content.

Copify can help in identifying the perfect writer that is fit for the company and the generated copy will be completely proofread and formatted and is delivered within 48 hours.

6. ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a content marketing platform for content promotions for brands, agencies and it enables to connect with the experts like freelancers to generate great content. It helps to accelerate content generation with sleek communication and workflow. They help in promoting authorizations scope with in-app messaging, advanced writer pitching, and collaborative editing.

At a glance, it is easy to track the content, activity of teams and their progress and approvals. With an automated workflow, it helps any company to promote their services and products effectively.

7. Sales Panda

Sales Panda is an interface of four modules- create and manage content, increase website traffic, engage and convert visitors, nurture and close leads.
This tool provides a CMS software that is used to manage marketing content. It is easy to store the uploaded or created content in a centralized library for content. It also helps to showcase the content attached to the website by a sub-domain for the audience to search and browse the content.

It helps to promote content on social networks like Facebook, What’s app, LinkedIn, Twitter with a single click. SalesPanda, an inbound marketing solution combines post scheduling and automation to meet social media strategies.

8. Snippy

Sniply is worked on more than 300 marketing blogs, it is recommended by the top users in the industry. Snippy adds custom call-to-action to the pages on the web and allows to engage the followers to share the links. It provides suggestions for the improvement of social promotions to the website.

It helps in generating unique links to share. If anyone clicks on the link, automatically it will display content and a call-to-action.
It also helps in managing the audience to engage with links to share and keep a track of conversion rates, link clicks, and more.

9. Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest is a tool for SEO. It is a keyword suggestion tool that helps in finding out the right keyword for the search. From generic keywords to long tail phrases, hundreds of recommendations are directed. It gives the competitive, seasonal result for each keyword.

They have added negative keywords for filtering the right keywords for the company to rank top in SERP. The tool uses Google suggestions and a few other suggestion services that provide relevant keywords for the target market. It works great with Google Keyword Planner. Their competitive section will list the competitors and provide their ad copy.

10. MOZ

MOZ is software for SEO where searches about 5 billion are made daily. Morethan 141k sites track SEO insights using this tool. It is least understood and a transparent feature of marketing strategies. They analyze SEO through their software, community, and learning.

It benefits to learn and find a way to repair technical SEO problems that cause damage to the site’s visibility to achieve top ranking, traffic and for getting indexed by each search engine. Their branch in Moz Pro monitors over the broken redirects, title tags that are missed, and more. It provided 9 out of 10 customer satisfaction.


Club together all the tools that are mentioned above to have a complete inbound marketing interface to any sized business. A good content, collaboration & Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation, SEO Analytics, and Conversion Optimization altogether make successful marketing for any company for making their products and services sold and reach their goal in obtaining profits relatively. However, gathering feedback is the last step in inbound marketing that helps to make some changes in the company portfolios and methods to acquire more business. Choose one from the above list of tools that suits the business need and start implementing with a trial version. Once if it is comfortable and useful for the online marketing, purchase the paid version.