Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tips


LinkedIn isn’t only for experts and is for those who are unemployed. Indeed, many experts make use of LinkedIn effectively to develop their career and build a network, however, LinkedIn can be used to develop business, as well. For establishing connections with generating leads, to build organizations and to make better brand awareness, LinkedIn contributes an important way among many marketing strategies.

LinkedIn is an expert in the social media network. It’s about professional connections, career development, and for any other type of business activities. Unlike other online networking media, for example, Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, any business can access customers with latest updates and career-related images and posts.

Apart from this, LinkedIn can help in building relationships with numerous clients across the world. Any individual can sign up and create an account in the order that they can find a new way to start their new career or for resetting the existing work. If any recruiters find an interesting profile can directly connect and hire them.
For business and marketing, the LinkedIn account has to be handled by the business owner to track all the activities on their own. For promoting the business through LinkedIn there are a few tips to follow:

1.Increase Email Marketing List

For those who planned for LinkedIn marketing, must have to collect as many as email contacts for promoting the business. They should probably try a drafted letter saying that ” thank you for connecting on LinkedIn” type expression related message as a subject along with the invitation to unite.

This helps in generating an email list for their branding and promote their messages easily. With LinkedIn, only 50 messages can be sent at a time. Also, links for sign up can be included in the email.
Here is how an email format should look like:
Tell them exactly what they will get when they sign up.
Offer them something interesting and unique from others.

2. Create a Page with Company Name

Start creating a new page with the organization name which is a better way to represent an organization or brand. Unlike individual profiles, creating a page in LinkedIn will become a great move for a better business. Irrespective of the company size, anyone can start a page for promoting and servicing their interests and activities. It allows posting and adding information about the organization and their features they are dealing with. This approach has become popular these days since it is more effective when compared with individual promotions.

3. Get benefited by Sponsored Updates

Visibility on LinkedIn can be increased by using sponsored updates. By using sponsored updates special interest is paid on individual LinkedIn feeds.
Based on the ability in modifying the options like skills, schools, groups, job title, and company name; targeting a wide range of customers to the business is made easy.
PPC feature offers demographics similar to other social media platforms. But there are a few difference between social media marketing and LinkedIn marketing.

Users can directly target related competing companies and start connecting with them. It is suggested to promote thought-leadership content to the targeted audience via Call To Action. Try to connect the members of the LinkedIn account indirectly because most of the people these days aren’t liking the pure and genuine content. In such cases, Sponsered updates can somehow help in targeting a variety of niche audience and can increase sales and generate leads.

4. Join Groups

In LinkedIn marketing, it is most important to join in active groups. This approach is highly adopted by the small and medium business to join relevant groups in LinkedIn because this approach increases their target audience. It helps to directly contact the targeted audience and can even offer them an advice about the business.

For those members in the group who are not active can also receive notification when an update is posted on the LinkedIn portal. This could probably reduce the risk in efforting more money for attaining potential customers.

5. Use Great Visuals

A quality visual type of content has to be added to every post that is published. Be unique and cleverly add a logo and profile picture to the account. Because the logo and image of any LinkedIn profile or page are shown when the user types in something related to the company profile.

So be careful in selecting a right image that suits the business, they can be edited when required, but it is suggested to maintain a brand logo constantly without any change. Try to approach and research as many related business pages and websites for having some knowledge on how they are posting and visualizing their posts.

6. Take LinkedIn network as a Privilege

It is suggested to use LinkedIn for any professional service oriented purposes like IT recruiting, for developing any institutional services related to education and technology. When there is a serious effort in LinkedIn social marketing, eventually there will be a profitable and serious output.
Incorporating with LinkedIn and its strategies cannot only develop business but can also help in learning and enable a user to be up-to-date with LinkedIn news. There are many tools available in LinkedIn that help an individual learn and acquire some knowledge.

7. Video Live Streaming

In many kinds of research, it is shown that 80% of people watch live videos than a blog, 82% of them prefer live video for branding on social posts. Most of the B2B organizations obtain ROI through video marketing.

LinkedIn can also prefer sharing of live video experiences that are undergone during the meetings and inaugurals functions and any other related activity that has happened in the organization. So try to engage people with video or live streaming.

8. Claim Custom URL

For LinkedIn marketing, it is necessary to claim the custom URL. Since many potential customers recognize the company profile in a business perspective. The format of the custom URL is name/your designation or related work position.
The professionals in the B2B sector and other high-end services will definitely concentrate on each and every aspect that has been projected. In order to know more details about the service posted on LinkedIn, they even search for the company details and collect additional information before contacting. So it is better to be professional in terms of business to gain more. By claiming the custom URL the probability of getting ranked is also increased.

9. Include smart content

Think twice before writing a post in LinkedIn. The content posted should directly impress the customer. Try to add valuable and unique content that directly portrays the meaning. The text added to the post can be any service information, any update, news, alerts, fee structure, or any personal detail. Regardless of matter, make sure that is perfectly formatted and tagged.

Use keywords to emphasize the importance, try to write brief and clever content that should attract the reader’s eye.

10. Avoid troublesome selling

Be wise while marketing through LinkedIn, avoid troublesome and hard selling of services. It is better to be discovered on LinkedIn. Follow the strategies and concepts of Inbound marketing and Content marketing.
Most of the people don’t encourage suspensions in their flow, so follow the latest trends and ways of attracting people. But do not make any wrong perceptions and bad practices through LinkedIn, it may indirectly harm the business.


Stay up to date on LinkedIn, learn more about the tools and features they regularly update. Browse as many company and personal profiles to known what actually they are doing in order to promote the business.