Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools


Marketing Automation refers to the software platform which automates the processes or marketing actions. There are various repetitive tasks in marketing field like social media marketing, website analysis, campaign management, e-mails, these can perform manually. With marketing automation, it is easy and helps to grow the business.

Marketing automation is a part of (CRM)Customer Relationship Management. There are various platforms and marketing tools to automate the tasks. There are so many available choices in the market, that’s where many companies fail to select the best marketing automation tool among them. Understanding the differences between available equipment and industry landscape is difficult.
In this article, the top 10 marketing tools are available below, and some of their functionalities and features are described briefly. Try marketing automation software demo before making use of the software. Maximum information about the software will be given in the demo. Apart from the ranking, their features vary accordingly.

1. Hubspot

Hubspot provides a full set of software for sales, customer service, and marketing with a complete free CRM. There are more than 44500 customers around 90 countries who grow their business with Hubspot. The only thing to think about is to organize, build, and track relationships with customers and leads.

Marketing software helps to develop traffic and convert visitors, run complete inbound marketing campaigns at a large scale.
Time-Saving Sales software help in getting profound insights into possibilities, automate tasks that are risky and help in closing them as soon as possible.
Customer service help in connecting with the customers, turn them into promoters and exceed expectations to grow the business.

2. SharpSpring

Throughout the world, SharpSpring is trusted by 1500 marketing agencies. For doing marketing automation, more than 6700 companies choose SharpSpring. It is one of the fastest growing automation tools for digital companies. It provides a fully integrated SMM(Social Media Management).

They undertake monthly contracts to promote customer satisfaction and efficiency. It is full-featured automation software that includes Campaign Tracking, Full-marketing automation, Blog Builder, CRM and Sales Automation, Reporting and Analysis, Anonymous Visitor ID, Dynamic Landing pages, Behaviour-based email, Dynamic Form Builder.

3. Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot, B2B marketing automation offers a marketing automation solution that supports B2B organizations of any size. It is a smarter marketing automation guide built on the best CRM platform. On an average, their customers observed the increase in Sales revenue by 34% and marketing usefulness by 37%.

Salesforce Pardot supports growing small and medium businesses to beat their revenue goals and achieve marketing and Sales team alignment, and gain effective use of available resources.
Investing among their employees is the best way to promote a results-oriented and productive work environment. Their Intuitive interface helps to create best campaigns. It focused more on the customer usage, not the cost.

4. Oracle Marketing Cloud

Intrigue audience with personalized campaigns across multiple channels including display search, email, video, web, and mobile. Oracle marketers with campaign management tools and best-in-class lead that help in engaging the right audience in the buyer’s journey providing real-time insights and reporting.

It is termed to be the best to manage data and customer experiences with one platform for B2B Marketers. Oracle acquired a highest possible score for security, collaboration, globalization, distributed business support, strength, and employee retention criteria. They have increased efficiency with an automated messaging approach triggered by the user behavior.

5. Act-On

Act-On, an award-winning platform help in building a brand, expand customer relationships and drive demand. Their marketing command center provides tools to get the right messages and people at the right time. Develop a meaningful relationship with audiences, and measure marketing success with comfort.

Their integrated and intuitive marketing automation is built to help marketers like, respond and engage at every step of the customer journey. With Act-On, there is an insight into data-driven decisions ending in excellent customer experience, both personalized and relevant.

6. Marketo

Marketo is one of the best software for marketing automation that helps marketers control art and science of digital marketing to retain prospects and customers. It focuses more on including emails, social, digital ads, and web management and so on.
They help in transforming digital marketing with a vibrant community, powerful partner ecosystem, and constant product innovation.

It is easy to build and optimize the Marketo platform for any needs. Marketo is a marketing ecosystem of service experts, best technology providers, and agencies around the world. Their management team’s experience is paving towards the success all the time. They involve in taking care of employees honoring their perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and opinions.

7. Sumo

Sumo provides a set of tools to increase the traffic, build and track the success every step. Enhance the ability to convert visitors into permanent customers. Sumo endures across 30 countries working over more than 1million people.

List Builder help in creating Pop-ups that appear on timers and clicks before people leave. Scroll Box generates a polite but authoritative way to demand. Smart Bar stays stuck to the top of a page, moving over the page with the visitors.
Sites like theCHIVE get more than 40% mobile traffic. However, most of the sites don’t allow visitors to share their content. With Share tool, theCHIVE can be able to increase social shares which produce traffic to the site.


Solomoto is one of the best platforms for small-medium businesses. They provide easy-to-use tools and can manage activity on the social media, web, and mobile. All their proven tools have increased efficiency for an enormous volume of customers.

Solomoto provides widgets and designs- try to apply them and customize the content to reach business objectives. Selling online is made easy nowadays with E-commerce to add a store online and receive payments instantly.
For tracking performance at a single place, launch ad campaigns on social networking sites like Instagram, Google, and Facebook at the same time. Grab the intuitive benefits, Ad suggestions, and wizards.

9. Adzooma

Adzooma is a natural way to advertise the Business on Google. Begin drawing more customers now with Google Ad service. They help in analyzing the online advertising. Here, Targeted ad campaigns are created in a way to find the ideal customer.
They help in creating the first advertisement in a single click. It is easy to grow business and grab visitors, sales, and leads.

With Adzooma, there is no need to write a single word for an advert. Digital experts enquire few questions about the business and from where the customers are. With the given answers, it is easy to create powerful headlines that help in standing out from the crowd within the competitive industries.

10. OmniStar

OmniStar is an easy-to-use referral marketing software for all the fast-growing businesses. Their referral marketing and simple interface tools are helpful in creating the easiest and successful campaigns. If there arises a need to integrate referral marketing with other applications-OSI Affiliate can help in creating and managing the referral program effectively.

They help in providing incentive discount codes or coupons for the customer while purchasing. So it becomes easy to use at the time of their checkout. With that, there will be an increase in sales and referrals.
These automation tools will allow definitely to reduce the risk over the tasks performed in the present-day businesses. Try to dig into their most effective and useful features that help in the growth of the business.