Top 10 Online Cloud Storage Service Providing Websites

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In the past few years, there have been significant changes people keep a backup of their data and information which are varied within different types of works. Today online cloud storage is one of the most preferred options for storing backup data. Not only do the online cloud storage services provide a cost-effective way of storing valuable data, but they also provide large storage spaces and make it possible for users to easily share information with other people online.
With an increasing number of people opting for online cloud storage, there is naturally a boom in the number of websites offering such services. Given below are the ten most renowned and trustworthy online cloud storage service providers to ensure safe backup of data.

1. myPCBackup

myPCBackup online cloud storage service provider is known for ensuring complete privacy and security of the data. It is a fully automated storage service and enables users to backup data in a hassle-free manner. The biggest USP of this service is that it provides unlimited storage space and enables rapid file transfer between systems due to its unique sync folder feature.

It has Mobile Access for enabling backup of data from anywhere and from any type of mobile device. It reduces the need for flash drives and hard drives. It is allowed to share and invite friends and family via Facebook or Twitter, email. It protects the files with a top security with a Google-powered cloud.

2. zipcloud

People, who choose zipcloud for online cloud storage, need to just get it, set it and forget it. This fully automated service works according to the schedule set by the users and provides encryption and security that is no less than a bank security system. It also offers unlimited storage space and is extremely easy to use.

To the chosen schedule, automated genie helps to store the documents like photos and file automatically. This platform also stores data in secured Google-powered servers. All your data is encrypted constantly using 256-bit secured socket layer encryption.

3. justcloud

Apart from offering all the usual features, justcloud provides the numerous mobile applications absolutely free. This easy to download and use storage service enables users to access their data from anywhere and round the clock. Their strong technical support team is available 24*7 to answer any queries the users might have. It helps easy collaboration of files and helps to share the files to others.

4. mozy

mozy provides sturdy backup services to not only individual users but also to a wide range of organizations. It is just the right choice for individuals seeking online storage for personal files and data, or small and large companies wanting to create a safe backup for their sensitive data and information.

They have a web-based admin console that creates and manages the users, robust reporting, storage pools, and user groups. All their centers are protected and trusted all the days and around the clock. They have onsite technicians and state-of-art security.

5. SugarSync

Although SugarSync provides paid online cloud storage services, it enables users to first experience its services through a free trial package. Users get a free trial for 30 days and are provided 60 GB storage space during this period. If the users want to use the services after the free trial they are required to pay a set fee as per their storage needs.

Their features and options are minimized to single click options that enable easy and accurate backup in the real-time providing anywhere and anytime access from Mac, iOS, Android, or PC. It has Instant File Sync option.

6. BackupGenie

BackupGenie offers a wide range of plans according to the storage needs of the users. This extremely robust and secure storage service provider makes file sharing across systems quite easy and even enables users to share complete folders with their clients. It also allows users to access data from a wide range of devices including mobiles and iPods.

The team at Backup Genie is continually developing and encourages the quick development of the organization. In the following year, Backup Genie has grown an expansive customer base of both free and paid clients, they are amazingly grateful to have every one of their customers, and do most extreme to fulfill the solicitations of their customers regardless of how unimportant they may appear. It is this duty to their customers that will guarantee proceedings with development for a considerable length of time to come.

7. Spideroak

Spideroak offers a safe, flexible and suitable online storage option with zero-knowledge privacy environment making it highly secure for the backup of all types of data. The pricing plans are extremely convenient and there is also a special discount for students.

For more than 10 years, they have built this beautiful software believing in unwavering and singular security. This software allows collaborating, organizing, and communicating with the restricted compliance regulations.
It provides no knowledge encrypytion within multiple sharing and sync options. It helps to access and edit the shared document with a secured app controlled by the policy engine with many audit trails.

8. Egnyte

When it comes to storage space being offered, Egnyte is definitely one of the best options. Apart from providing a storage space of 1TB, it offers features such as 15-day free trial, mapping online folders with the user desktop, automatic file backup and auto-sync with the online storage.

This acts as a line between the security of the servers and cloud performance. Their digital infrastructure is genuine and helps to clear any hardware issue. It is a fully-integrated ecosystem that is meant for any business.

9. IBackup

IBackup offers integrated online backup and storage services that are in sync with a wide range of devices. Users can get up to 500 GB storage space at an affordable fee of $9.95 per month. The biggest USP of this storage service provider is that it offers extremely high performance and is enterprise ready.

It has a safe storage for the files which performs speedy restores. It protects running servers and databases via MS Exchange, VMware, MS SharePoint, Hyper-V, MS SQL, and Oracle.

10. Livedrive

Livedrive offers flexible online storage services which can be customized according to the changing needs of the users. Its competitive pricing and ease of use along with a technically sound management team make it a favorite storage option with numerous businesses.


Online cloud storage not only ensures better protection for backed up data but also makes it easily accessible from anywhere across the globe and hence has become the most popular option for storing sensitive data and information.