Top 10 Online Credit Card Processors


One of the most popular services online is the credit card processing that allows users to make use of their credit cards for transactions. This mode of payment has become extremely popular due to the simple reason that it doesn’t involve complicated processes and the payment is transferred to the desired destination through the processing machine. Since it has become a widespread business, credit cards have now become one of the most popular trends and is a preferred mode of remuneration on the online market today.
Consisting of a number of assets right from the processing holder to the counter and the provider of the credit card processing service is important while dealing with such online transactions has become necessary. This process where the individual obtains the payment through online card processing service involves exchanging information and money over the World Wide Web.
The procedure isn’t complicated nor does it make it difficult for the users, basically is a user-friendly service that has helped online e-commerce websites to prosper profitably. Either by gathering the confidential authentication of the cardholder or by swiping the customer’s credit card through the processing machine allows the user to purchase his/her items easily. It is after accurate scanning and scrutiny of the account details of the cardholder is the user proceeded further into the banking page. Apart from the validity that is taken into consideration, the computerized mechanism checks if you provided details match with that of the data card of the customer.
If you obtain a list of the best online credit card processing machines then you can kick-start your business with decent investment and features provided for on your website. Once you obtain the online transaction gateway system into your program, you can easily send over money from one bank to the other.
Here are the top 10 Online Credit Card Processors:

1. National Bankcard

This processing system is famous and extremely reliable in electronic payments where its configuration successfully suits every individual. Apart from allowing merchants to control prices, it remains updated about the changing patterns of the business.

National Bankcard doesn’t charge any setup fee. It provides a free mobile card machine and a free EMV credit card machine eventually offers free shipping with free training and free shipping with the fined up equipment orders.

2. Advanced Merchant Group

Looking for professional services? For secure electronic payments over the internet, Advanced Merchant Group  is what you should consider. One of the fastest growing companies, they offer their services based upon the type of industry you’re working under. They accept credit cards at any shopping cart storefronts and has a secure gateway for payment with many shopping cart solutions that are compatible on any device. They provide business advances at affordable costs that are built into the costs that are processed monthly.

3. Leap Payments

At a low rate, you can obtain this online credit card processing system where this particular agency ensures that your online transactions are securely placed. With fast processing that doesn’t involve being taxed for every transaction.

Leap Payments provides A grade options for card payments that are rated 5 out of 5 according to the card processor benchmarks. It has a consistent approach in exceeding & meeting the standards with a BBB(Better Business Bureau).

4. Amazon Pay

For hundreds of millions of customers, Amazon Pay is made simple and easy to use. It allows to check-in and check-out information that is stored and saved in the Amazon account previously. The customer experience is trusted and familiar with Amazon Pay.

It is an online solution for reliable and affordable transaction agencies and that could be your online processing solution. With future preparations guaranteed it is optimized to adapt to your mobile gadgets and tablets for transaction processes.

5. 2Checkout

With 2Checkout as a part of their online payment options, this is one of the best credit card processing agencies where transactions globally are provided. With pricing made absolutely cost-effective, all you require is a simple merchant account to obtain the transaction services for your e-commerce website.

They are responsible for accepting online and mobile payments from worldwide buyers and seamlessly, provide safe and reliable payment processing anywhere in the world.

6. Electronic Transfer

Another beneficial online credit card processing company, Electronic Transfer offers free trials as well as provides its services at an affordable rate. With a free merchant account that you can obtain, it allows easy credit card processing that is fast and without delay.
It provides free merchant solutions, online virtual terminal. They provide fast approval and doesn’t charge any setup fee and it does not encourage any monthly limits.

7. eMerchantBroker

Build your merchant account and forward cash amounts to the required banks under the secure domain- eMerchantBroker that allows credit card processing at an affordable price. Available 24×7 you can make queries any time whenever it suits your efficiency.

8. PayPal

Even though it is more popular than most and called for, PayPal is another online transaction agency; it is known to be the fastest and easiest means of sending money over to the native and international bank.

Paypal ensures a fast secure and easier processing experience whether you are shopping around the world or in a particular location. Paypal is accepted by 200 million customers and is accepted by 200 markets.

9. Credit Card Processing Specialists

Known to have won the merchant service awards, this agency provides ideal solutions for all your credit card transactions at affordable rates. It provides efficient payment services that ensure business improvement instantly!

Credit Card Processing Specialists is a learning platform and acts as a resource for payment processing. All the merchants are tailored to provide service in different industries.

10. Dwolla

Dwolla is a friendly platform for the developers and can easily integrate with your existing application. They have a great feature called white-label API which means the customer  can likewise handle the trusted interface with the support from Dwolla from the background.

Without any 3rd party site, the user can connect and verify their identity with the application. There are many ways to verify bank accounts to exchange funds. With a single API request, the user can automate payments and transfer up to 5000 payments which reduce the paperwork. With Dwolla sophisticated security control which protects financial data is its new importance.


By choosing the best gateway for the site that enhances the user experience in your e-shop that attracts more audience to make a purchase is more important.
If you are more focused on giving customers and driving more sales that boast high-quality security then choose one from the above list that best suits your requirement and proceed to develop your business.