Top 10 Payroll Software Solutions For Businesses


Organized payments for employees reflects the success and growth of the organization. Maintaining the workforce’s wages sometimes become risky for company owners. Payroll management software offers a significant part to assure automatic payments and processing of an employee. There are a few advantages of payroll software.
Business owners must invest in payroll management software since it reduces the time and stress. Manual predictions sometimes make mistakes and ruin hardly earned money for the company.
Here are some advantages of payroll management software:
1. Cost Effective: In HR accounting it saves a lot of human power and money.
2. Tax Update: Payroll management software helps in managing compliance and tax like ESI and PF.
3. Employee Calendar: Payroll software provides employee calendars that help in smoothly managing absences, overtime, and sick leaves.
4. Ensure Security: Enhances security for the company, as the information remains within the Software handling individual. No third-party interface is involved.
5. Generate Payslips: Payslips are generated automatically. There would be no delay and misleads about the salary in the future.
The following provides the best software for payroll management.

1. PenSoft

PenSoft has created a reputation from experts in both private and government authorized organizations to be the best in payroll software. Many businesses have come front to help with PenSoft payroll software solutions for the development of their products. For testing electronic reporting software, the federal government started using PenSoft payroll software.

There are many cities, banks, and constituencies that make use of PenSoft payroll software to meet the payment related issues of their employees. Hence this software has become one of the best software among the other payroll software industry. They provide a convenient and default program that minimizes user data requirements. Their Windows menu and QuickStart feature make the software easy and quick to access and understand.

2. Namely

Namely has the ability to convert company culture and support for innovative choices. Their HR strategy is to unite and empower the customers.

Namely is fit for mid-sized companies ranging from 15 employers to thousands around the world. Since medium scale companies care for their employees sincerely, namely provide a client- focused and mission-driven strategies. When working with Namely, it is possible to concentrate on result, policy and other significant activities that avoid any complaint from the client.

3. Keka

Keka has won several awards on different HR and business platforms in India. Keka is a payroll management software for maintaining payroll, HR, talent management for all the employee-centric companies. It is handmade for India and provides resilient Payroll. They have a unified and integrated workflow that make every payroll processing user-friendly.

Talent administration is made manageable for both employees and HR teams. Every employee will love to use this software. They provide a dynamic performance to engage talent with a mixture of traditional and modern methods. It is a platform with 360 Reviews, Integrated Goal Management, and Continuous Feedback.

4. Zenefits

The world of HR is tremendous. That’s how? Zenefits has built an adjustable platform for the complete HR ecosystem. So engage payroll or broker. If they’re working for the company, they will work with Zenefits platform too. And if there is a need to do a change later, they can help.

With complete mobile experiences, Zenefits provides managing HR solutions effectively from anywhere in the world. They implement a separate platform for every individual to sync their identity with their available tools and accordingly complete tasks. It is comprehensive and automated, so there will not be any obstacle in between.
With the different needs of the company, it is easy to access their industry tools, providers, and apps that feed the company’s culture.

5. BrightPay

Brightpay provides a visual preference to most common events and payroll tasks or even hides different features only when they become relevant.
When payroll is honest and simple, BrightPay manages it in a simple way. When payroll becomes complicated, the software has the ability to make it comfortable.

They have a capacity to handle various payment schedules within a single click access to any pay schedule side-by-side. They provide hourly, statutory, daily, basic pay for those employees who work in the organization. This software helps to easily customize deductions and additions. They also include pension auto-enrolment schemes.

6. Paychex

Paychex Payroll services enable entrepreneurs to concentrate on achieving the unique vision towards success by reducing the burden while dealing with taxes and payroll processing. Many companies tend to rely on these services to exactly pay their employees and enable them to be obedient with tax regulations and rates. With a combination of 24/7 US-based service and easy technology, they have chosen a unique partner for payroll services.

Any individual can run business firmly with Paychex because it helps in choosing and comparing the best payroll services that meet their needs. In case there are many payroll services, this software provides a facility to switch between the services. Once signed up with Paychex, within 2 days of time everything will be automated.

7. Gusto

Gusto Payroll software enables to create a workplace where every work targets for a better life. It helps in making the complicated business works and tasks personal and simple. Gusto serves more than 60,000 companies around the world and is headquartered in Denver and Francisco. They reimagine benefits, HR, and payroll for many companies.

Gusto can monitor trickiest tax-to-dos and payroll. Their managing HR ability help to pick the needed among the team. The software offers benefits for those who added their hard work. They can make the work interesting by creating a company culture.

8. Patriot

Patriot is an affordable and easy payroll software. They provide a free account setup. Basically, the payroll will be tricky and that can be simplified easily by offering US-based free support through chat or email.

With their free deposits, or handwritten paychecks, or cash; it is easy to pay employees of any sized organization.
They give secure access to employees pay history, pay stubs, and payroll details. Time-Off Tracking enables to track sick time, customized hours of vacation. They help in withholding taxes for all the reported tips. They appear on W-2/W-3 forms and pay stubs effectively.


ADP RUN is derived from ADP and is fast, affordable, and easy payroll software and is designed especially for business owners who like to automate their work. With their automatic tax filling and cloud-based software for payroll; the software help in focusing on things which are really important and the rest will be handled.

This software helps to calculate automatically the tax deductions and retirement contributions and personal payrolls in a few simple steps. They have a capacity to export data to high-level accounting programs. Their main idea is to reduce paperwork and become online in a way to access data easily and quickly with the ease of custom reporting.

10. Square

Square payroll is an all-in-one solution that works with every type of business. Their applications are developed so as to make user-friendly payroll transactions with flexibility. They allow to run and manage payrolls by allowing to import the timecards and accordingly send payments at no extra wage. Their applications are compatible for both Android and iOS devices.

Their major belief is within the flexible and fair pricing with no hidden charges. So their pricing is all-inclusive and simple. Whether it is the first time or migrating from another payroll software, Square allows making the easiest payroll among the list.


With the above list of payroll software discussed, there are many individual highlights to look for and pick the right one that is fit for the business. Test them one by one and get an analysis regarding the best among the available. If so the software doesn’t provide a hands-on experience, then try to assist and invest in HR outsourcing.