Top 10 Project Management Tools for Small and Medium Businesses


Handling a business is not a solo concert. These days, there are people considering startups and managing all the operations independently. The basis of a small and medium scale business is making the best impact with sufficient resources. It is hence that managing and keeping track of day-to-day operations of administrative tasks is a bit tricky.
To assure that every aspect of the business is functional, well-integrated, and particularly in case of implementing and strategizing the vision, a project management tool help in doing that.
Key functionalities of a project management tool are:

1. Mobile friendly: All the tools in the below list are mobile friendly and compatible for both versions- Android and iOS.
2. Price: All the tools in the below list provide a free service with sensible price options for both small and medium businesses.
3. Integration: With a broad range of integration, below tools are efficient and comfortable for small businesses.
4. Functionality: All the necessary functionalities that conclude all the features of a project are available in every individual tool.

Now, take a look at project management tools that are fit for small and medium business.

1. Trello

Over 500 companies, Trello is one of the best visual project management tool that collaborates team on the project effectively. Not just for the workplace, Trello also supports a side project or any family vacation to gather and organize teamwork. Their cards, boards, and lists help a project to develop in a flexible, rewarding, and fun way.
They provide Power-Ups that turn Trello boards into applications that meet the needs of a business. Therefore consider integrating the apps used by the team throughout the workflow.

Trello will be in sync over all the devices that relate to the project. Since their orientation details are on Trello board, it is easy for onboarding a new employee by their People Team.

2. Freedcamp

Whether it is a wedding planner, leading a project or organizing a camping tour, Freedcamp is a center for all. It helps to stay connected to what’s happening with the teams and task lists. Managing tasks with drag and drop options into columns is their modern way.

Successful Task Management is an option in Freedcamp, for splitting larger tasks into smaller subtasks. They provide a unique feature in keeping personal data private because not all the responsibilities are public.

3. KanbanFlow

KanbanFlow is a simplified project management tool to boost up personal and team productivity. It provides a unique overview of present work situation. They have a visualizing function that helps to simplify leads and communication to increase the productivity.

Kanban dashboard helps to focus more on completing the tasks rather than implementing a new one.
It helps to track the time taken on the tasks. Try their simple stopwatch timer or Pomodoro technique to log time manually. Flexible Time Spent Report helps to filter and group log in time information in different forms.

4. Slack

Slack is a collaboration hub that offers faster work. They provide a single place to integrate messaging, files, and tools that help everyone to collaborate and save time.
Their channels are divided- by project, team, client that are relevant to the organization.

Team members will have the potential to join or leave the channels based on their needs, not as long as email chains. Threads help in maintaining the conversations from hindering the project or topic at a situation.
Slack provides a face-to-face or screen sharing option that allow to publish or share the work directly.

5. Workfront

Workfront is a platform for managing work in a digital scenario. It gives a right structure for their workflows to deliver their values while nurturing creativity as a marketer. Workfront provides an accurate solution that helps a team to work predominantly and set expectations to deliver significant projects on time.

Develop trust and credibility with the clients to eliminate roadblocks and put the team engaged. Then only it is easy to deliver quality work faster apart from the competition.
Workfront helps to manage and prioritize the project status and increase customer satisfaction- changing thoughts into products. Workfront gives a real-time insight toward project timelines and resource availability.

6. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is one of the best software for project management and collaborative resource planning. It helps to deliver a project where connectedness, performance, and transparency matters.

With their contextualized and collaborative workspaces, it is easy to deliver message feeds, active task and develops time analysis over the project.
To generate a daily report on problem fields, future needs, and performance trends, Mavenlink came up with a powerful marketing intelligence. They provide control over a project without waiting for the responses. It helps to monitor the budget, time, and margins over time at any place.

7. Evernote

Grabbing the ideas from a brainstorm, leading or coordinating a project with an unknown team, Evernote helps in keeping everyone on the same page. It is distinct to share and collaborate efficiently with their available spaces.

It is easy to find text in PDFs, images, and Office Docs. It is easy to search and scan information from business cards. It helps to restore and view previous notes easily. It provides easy and flexible management of team members and their access. It gives SSO implementation and fast onboarding. It delivers simple account billing and priority support. They maintain data continuity over the team.

8. Asana

Asana helps to coordinate the work that the team does. It helps in spending less time on the guesswork and perform a great job. It is easy to set up projects using Boards, Timeline, Calendar, and Lists and set deadlines, share details, and make the work done.

Follow up the projects and their tasks through every single stage. It is easy to keep everyone aligned and know where the work stands over the objectives of the team.
With Asana, it is easy to create visual project plans for knowing how every step is matching with the time. It provides an ability to eliminate the roadblocks and pinpoint risks, despite a plan change.

9. Nozbe

Nozbe system helps active teams and working people receive tasks and complete their projects effortlessly. Their apps support for Windows, Linux, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Nozbe helped thousands of professionals and large or small organizations to manage more tasks. Their applications effectively reflect on productivity. Using Nozbe, it is easy to deal with an incoming task and prioritize, manage them accordingly and quickly finish the work. It is easy to organize on an easy-to-use web interface that works on any screen size.
With just a single click, it is simple to manage the team and share projects, deal with tasks, attach comments on files.

10. Podio

Podio is a tool that works with many successful customer support products, marketing tools, and file sharing services, that interact the team’s work. It is designed to increase peer- recognition, and sharing among the great team duties.

Their workspaces engage team and processes at a single place to enable more dramatical and streamlined communication reducing internal emails.
Everyone can answer the support questions- from dedicated customer care team to lead developer. It becomes easy to gain valuable insights to manage future developments.


With the evolving times, the necessities of organizations are changing. So invest a decent measure of energy to make sense of the need an invoicing tool, reporting software, or a comprehensive perspective of undertakings and procedures at one place.