Top 10 Tips for content writing for your website


Many organizations spend months on designing a website, days on testing every functionality of the website. But, spends a few hours for creating content for their website.

Do you think, just by designing an attractive website will rank you on top? Absolutely no right. Apart from designing a website, there are a lot of things to be considered. Among them ‘website content’ is one of the crucial parts of marketing success and conversion generation. As per the recent analysis, 93% of B2B businesses rely on “content marketing” strategy.

Your website portrays your organization. If you think writing content on the website or blog is written words. Then, you need to have a second thought about it again. You cannot grab audience attention when you create plain content. Always include beautiful images, infographics, CTA’s, relevant links in your website content.

Created high-quality content for your website? Done a great job. What next? It’s time to check whether your content is unique or not. There are online plagiarism checker tools available in the market. Copy and paste your content and detect plagiarized content within a single click.

Following are the top 10 tips for content writing for your website:

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is important to every marketing strategy. When you are unaware of the audience, you can’t even understand what strategies or social media platform to choose. Analyse and understand your audience for better ROI. Before drafting content, question yourself: Who is your primary audience? What are active social media platforms? Do they are existing or new customers?

  • Complete your market research
  • Keep an eye on your competitors
  • Create a buyer-persona
  • Know about your customers personally
  • Monitor readers likes, comments, shares and engagements
  • Conduct surveys

Analysing and understanding your audience can help you discover additional information. Also, you can connect effectively with your audience on their social media platform. 


Perform keyword research

Have you ever heard about short, medium and long-tail keywords? Many times right. Keywords play an important role in ranking. There are many keyword tools available online – keywordio, ubersuggest and kwfinder. Make the great use of these tools and gather appropriate keywords. Include these keywords in your content – title, description and meta information. Organization focus more on SEO content writing. When you create content according to SEO guidelines i.e adding keywords, links, etc, it will be easier for search engines to identify and crawl a web page. Create a sensible content and rank top for appropriate keywords.


Don’t stuff with more keywords

It’s no secret, keywords play an important role in creating effective content. While using keyword tools, you can find hundreds of keywords. Do you think every keyword appeared on a tool is important? Obviously no. Pick your keywords wisely, focus on the keywords that have more search volume and less competition. Keep a note, keywords are used to make your content – quality, related, valuable and search-friendly. Don’t include more keywords in a single paragraph, it may look spam to your users and search engines. As a result, your website rank goes down and decreases ROI.


Include call-to-action

Marketing has completely changed over the past 10 years. Every week a new feature is introduced and every month a new platform has been launched. But, there is one aspect that is ruling the marketing – CALL TO ACTION.

When you’re planning to boost your lead rate, you have probably encountered that many organizations prefer few CTA phrases or buttons.

A call-to-action referred to as an invitation given for a user to perform the desired action. When you watch a video on YouTube, you can find subscribe link at the end.

These phrases can encourage your users to perform the desired action. The action can be buying a product, submitting a form or requesting, attend an event or download a book.

Popular CTAs are:

  • Buy Now
  • Download Now
  • Create an Account
  • Login

If you create quality content but don’t include call-to-action phrase or link, your content would be far less effective at converting an audience into potential customers.


Write a catchy headline

Imagine a newspaper without a headline and a poster without a caption. Sounds difficult and confusing!!!

Considering newspaper headlines drives a reader from one story to another story. Some readers focus more on headlines. When you create a poor headline, nobody shows interest to read. When nobody reads your headline then you can’t generate conversions.

Following are a few simple tips to create a catchy headline

  • Understand your target audience to drive better ROI.
  • Write an outline and then focus on creating a headline.
  • Take some time and write 4 or 5 headlines.
  • Select the best headline among them and include it.
  • Create a straightforward headline


Your headline can make the first impression with your readers. A powerful headline can boost more clicks. A poor headline can send traffic away. Therefore it’s important to concentrate more while creating a headline.


Sound like a human

Content is king!!! Poor content can break your entire website.

Do you like to read copied content or narrated by a robot? Absolutely no. Everybody prefer to read content that sounds like a human. Implement the storytelling technique and allow the visitor to get involved deeply.

Many bloggers are pushing themselves hard to create quality content and build an emotional connection. Valuable, quality and relevant content is a major factor in website or blog success. 

Nowadays customers demand personalized experience. The organization tends to display consumers “wants” on their website. It includes the customer’s previous purchases and wishlist. Also, allow access to exclusive offers based on their loyalty status.


Content with a specific purpose

Why do you create content? You might have several answers!!!

  • Keep your website active.
  • Google prefers fresh content.
  • Your CEO wants to post at least five blog posts per week.

If these are your answers, then you’re just creating content for the sake of it. It looks like there is no specific idea or goal. This is a major mistake that does by every brand.

Every piece of content you create must have a specific purpose. Your content needs to work smoothly towards marketing goals. Also, must be able to answer why you wrote that blog post or design infographics.

In general, the content will be produced for various reasons such as, to

  • Earn backlinks
  • Rank best on SERPs
  • Educate your audience
  • Drive social engagement
  • Generate traffic and conversions

Create content with respect to your purpose. Effective content needs significant – time and resources. 


Provide valuable and relevant information

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running fashion portal or digital marketing agencies, “valuable and relevant content” means the same thing for every audience.c

Imagine a user search for “best mobile phones” on Google. Your website is been displayed on the search result. The user taps on your website link and seeks for the best answer. If your website doesn’t provide information about “best mobile phones”, the visitor will move on to the next website in the search result. It can be a painful situation for digital marketer and entrepreneur. In order to overcome such incidents provide valuable and relevant information about your website, product or services.

Don’t get panic to share information that includes high prices. Be genuine while displaying product price and specification. Ultimately transparency works. As per analysis related to information-rich websites or blogs is an effective way to convert visitors to potential customers.


Keep your website up-to-date

Have you just launched a product or service? That sounds cool. Did you update it on your website? If your answer is NO, then you’re missing something big. Share the information about the product or service release with your customers.

Hired a new employee for your company? Put their information on your career webpage. Keeping fresh and unique content is a major key factor to ensure returning audience. Also, keep your website up-to-date.

  • Include new product or service information
  • Regular updates and edits are excellent for SEO
  • Old, out of trend or incorrect information can lose customers


Make a visual impression

Do you like to read plain content? Of course no. Out of 10, 8 people prefer content that consists of rich media files. Generally, people prefer content that consists of text and visuals. Because visual gives a better understanding than a plain text. 

Humans are more connected to visuals such as images, videos, gifs, infographics and more. Attractive visuals captivate everyone. While creating content, including rich media files to enhance and improve your web content.


Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to create a website or blog, creating effective content can be your primary priority. Website content can appeal to search engines and users. Hence pay more attention while creating content for your website. Follow the mentioned content writing tips and drive maximum traffic, and conversions for your website.