Top 10 Video Conferencing Software


Many businesses are growing further apart. That means, many small-midsize businesses are becoming popular across multiple geographic locations, which draws complex challenges in terms of communication, even for those employees who operate in-house. So then adding partners and customers to the existing call becomes difficult in talking to all of them without extended voyage, which brings out absolute costs. In such a scenario, video conferencing came into action. Online meetings have been used these days by all the successful members of the software system, by the government intellects to perform certain important conferences easily and effectively.

Before that, it is better to know what exactly a video conferencing is?
Video conferencing offers more than two face-to-face interactions. It involves remotely sharing of the screens, chat through text, digital communication with whiteboards, exchange files, and broadcast conference to the enduring viewers.
It is an active way to participate and complete the work, whether it is for addressing the live customer’s questions or for interacting to the clients to discuss any sort of project related information face-to-face.

What not everyone looks into the best quality and experience while participating in the conference calls. To settle down with the best suitable software for video conferencing, there are a few methods and in-depth concepts involved.
The best features and functions of available 10 video conferencing software are mentioned below:

1. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is one of the best video conferencing software that is used by many successful teams, got impressed with its features. They provide brilliant and clear audio effects for successful meetings. When a meeting is scheduled, it helps to join the meeting by answering a call where no PINs and codes are needed. The software has a direct attention for using their drawing tools during screen sharing.

They have built-in free audio options; toll-based and VoIP. Their OpenVoice(toll-free) conferences are manageable and secure. It can share 6 high-definition(HD) video conferencing per session. It is compatible with Chromebook, Mac, PC, Linux or any mobile device.

2. Skype

Skype is a software that is mostly used by the small and medium businesses who love to experience their video conference meeting as if they are in a single room. Live meetings and conference calls are mainly focused on the intellects in the companies. The software is interconnected with Microsoft.

This software helps to communicate across many audio preferred devices. Their partner’s ecosystem allows certified devices that are secured to enhance the experience during the call. An end-to-end security compliance and control is given for both the user and the enterprise. the security is powered by Office 365.

3. provides a great experience that can personalize the meetings quickly and comfortably. Manage the meeting links in any required format using with respect to the individual personality and a meeting subject. It helps to deliver familiar details of the individuals participating in the conference.

Toll-free options are powered by OpenVoice Integrated that blends the features of scheduling, remote control, audio, recording. Competitive rates are available with no overage and hidden charges. 24/7 administrative control upon the account with an enterprise-level security is provided. One click screen mirroring is available with a single click broadcast button.

4. WebEx

WebEx is a software for video conferencing to communicate, create and meet all in one place that is fit to complete the work absolutely. This software came up with the collaboration of WebEx Teams, WebEx Meetings, WebEx Calling, WebEx Devices, and Integration.

WebEx Meetings connects people around the world, it enables to feel like talking with the person directly. They provided HD audio, video quality and can share the screen.
The team specialized an app for group messaging, whiteboarding, file sharing, and video meetings and supports the members using it from starting to the end. Webex calling is a cloud-based telephone service that fits for any small-medium businesses. It enables to call from Cisco IP phones or through WebEx Teams space.

5. Drum

Drum is a strong, secure web conference interface. It connects browser-based communication with document presentation to perform the online meetings more productively. Instant meetings can happen easily with the details of name and email id with a single click process.

Every Drum meeting is given a unique URL, so start online meetings with the guests without the sign-up risk. But, instant meetings cannot be revisited and are not replayed.
It is supported and compatible on the browser, telephone, mobile devices with the access to local contacts. Drum meetings cannot be one-to-many, their powerful annotation feature allows everyone to share and interact with all the shared documents.

6. Uber Conference

Uber Conference is made easy with no PINs and no downloads. The software is meant to provide an effective meeting experience. It allows all the participants to collaborate, connect and share the live screen and documents during the meeting.

It is easy to launch meetings from anywhere and from any device. It allows to effectively build relationships with member’s social profiles within the meeting. Modern cloud communications like video, voice, messaging, meetings are all integrated into a productive app that can be used every day.

7. HighFive

Business collaboration is made simple with HighFive. With no app downloads and codes, it is built to start meetings on time. Admins can make their work simple with HighFive software in hand which is associated with video conferencing solutions.

With industry-leading audio and HD cameras powered by Dolby Voice, instant users can now feel professional. Screen sharing and call recording option are available with this software. With a simplified and unique features, they are recognized as one of the World’s Largest Companies among the Enterprise Software.

8. Zoom

Zoom provides a consistent enterprise experience for any use case. It helps to optimize and engineer the work reliably. There are up to 1000 viewers and 500 video participants for Zoom. The software is easy to use, rule and can be brought by any type of business. Their pricing is affordable and most satisfied.

This software helps to empower Apps With Screen Sharing, Video, and Voice options. Cross-Platform Messaging and File Sharing are made easy with Zoom. Town Hall Meetings and Marketing Events are made simple with Zoom.

9. Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is a recently developed connecting service that helps to modify online meetings into an easy-to-use, stable application that is believed by the most of the users. It works effectively and is compatible with any device to make everyone connect, and share meetings, content, calls, chat inside and outside the organization.

Amazon Chime is integrated with Alexa, that reflects that anyone can give voice input to Alexa and it enables to start the meeting automatically. But, it helps to connect people in a single closed room, or from any desk.

10. ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk is meant totally for Webinars, Webcasts, Meetings. It is usually meant for broadcasting the content flawlessly with self-employed web events. It makes easy to play recorded video and audio to the live audience which reduces the pressure on the stage with a highly crowded presentation.

ReadyTalk provides remote collaboration, schedule and connect meetings instantly and share the content without any intervention. It combines HD audio with presentation tools and content sharing. It is designed mostly for demos, interviews, presentations, and more.


Video conferencing software can be used by any company to perform their meetings effectively and easily without any efforts. However, it is not suggested to settle with just one software instead, go to the list presented above and choose the one that suits the requirements.