Top 12 Essentials Tips for Blogging Success


Today, amazingly there are many possibilities where anyone can publish their ideas, thoughts and put forward their views online which are visible to everyone. In a moment that a new business is designed to acquire more customer, create a blog.
A right foundation, a beautiful thought, and a theme according to the category have to be particularly decided while writing a blog. The secret behind the success in blogging is to concentrate on all the below tips accurately while creating a new blog post.

1. Perfect Meta description

A meta description is a snippet where Google performs to crawl the data in search results. Google will usually locate a sentence or statement from the article as a meta description. A meta description is visible in a site source code.

A meta description is in HTML code. It is an attribute in HTML which describes the page. A meta tag should summarise up to 160 characters so that Google can index easily. So try including the limited and reflected content in the article.

2. Keywords

A keyword is a word or query that a user gives when searching the web. Many bloggers target their website to get traffic using keywords placed many times in the article. Google sets the keyword bold to make sure the user receives related search records with the given query.

Try including the specific or core part of the article as a keyword. Keywords can be placed in titles, subtitles, and on the description of a website. So try exploring the beautiful and core keyword that suits the content. Google Adwords has a special feature called keyword planner which is used to get suitable keywords for the given topic.

3. Opening Introduction

Opening Introduction is quite similar to a title. So analyze accordingly and write the introduction. It can include questions, quotes, and any phrases that best suits the content. A weak or uninteresting introduction will lose reader concentration.

To improve the content scope use the best tools which are available in the market. One of the best tools is Grammarly. It helps to check the grammatical errors and suggests words that add flavor to the content. Their premium version also provides expert level proofreaders to correct the mistakes and provides suggestions.

4. A theme of the Blog

A blog post without a theme is a headache.  There are so many free themes available in web designing tools. Try choosing one from the most used.

Include content, images, paragraphs that suit the theme. In premium versions, extra features are available which reduces the risk of separately adding CSS. If a default theme is selected every time, make sense to modify it in any area because the visitors might not stick to see the same outlook every time.

5. Fascinating headline

Headlines are titles given as meaning to the subject of the article described. To deliver a service or a product directly with a single statement in a single headline increases the ease of readers or visitors in reading the article. Create or write the headline in a way that a reader goes down to the introduction at least once.

The headline should be magnetic and reflect at least to the particular people who give related queries in the search engine. Make sure the headline font is H1. On an average 20% of the people get to know about the post by reading the headline.

6. Unique Content

Unique content by the experts without grammatical errors in the post enhance the visibility of the users. Content is everything in the present digital market. Get an idea of what information is to be added in the article before itself. Try writing in the form of sections, step-by-step, and subtopics which is easier to read.
Copyscape, plagiarism checker are tools used to know whether the content is unique or plagiarized.

Great Sayings by Leo Tolstoy is- The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. So try writing articles with patience and take time in research to get more accurate information. For writing a beautiful article without any help from an expert, try to understand the writing styles, maintain length around 2000+ words and know about the word usage, and check grammar errors.

7. Image and Videos

An image can reflect a valued description of a topic or paragraph. Adding images increases the visibility of the content in a post. Download images related to the topic written in a post like screenshots, step-by-step installation procedures. Draw the attention of visitors by adding a colorful image at the top of the blog called featured image. Give a break to the continuous paragraphs by adding an image between them. Add screenshots with a step-by-step process which include circles and arrows.

Videos from youtube and other social media websites attract visitors to click and see what is described in it. Videos less than 5 minutes are suggested because the reader will not wait until the video is finished. Embedding any youtube video on the blog gives value to the concept written in it.

8. Mobile friendly

People nowadays are quite reliable on mobile gadgets. The number of readers who visit a blog by mobile are more compared to the readers of the desktop version. Because of flexibility with the mobile devices, everyone opts for it.

So try maximizing the blog to a mobile-friendly blog. Many recent tools in the market help in turning a website to a mobile-friendly version. Try adding relevant points to the content used in mobile version to make it sensible for the mobile visitors.

9. Internal Linking

Internal linking helps to link previous and older posts within the individual website. It can increase the value of the website. So write the content relating to the previous posts more frequently. Links from internal posts gives an idea to recollect the data from the previous post. Make sure to add at least 3 to 10 internal links in a single post.

Try adding internal links in deeper pages other than home pages, about us, services page of the website. Local relevancy between the posts increases the authority of individual pages.

10. Structure

This aspect is most important while writing an article. First, manage individual and group thoughts for communicating an idea. There might be scattering in statements and the sentences while writing an article. But creating an outlook or structure for a post reduces the clumsiness.

Structure describes the layout of an article. An article has headings, subheadings, bullet point and paragraph. With these features, it is easy to adjust and map the content.
The Basic Structure of blog is:
1. Introduction
2. Write about the main feature first.
3. deeply go into the topic and details.
4. Conclusion
This is a general format followed by many bloggers while writing an article. Use different structured layouts in writing various articles which may be downloaded from the web for free.

11. SEO links

Link building is an off-page optimization approach obtained from other websites. Requesting a link from a big blogger is a difficult task. If the post is worthy, then only request for a link. In that situation, write a guest post for requesting a link because they won’t react to a request directly.

Beautifully written content in the blog post itself attracts the people to link back. Therefore write content which draws the attention of a reader. Few links are harmful which cause damage to the reputation of the site. So, be aware of it.

12. Include Social Media buttons

Social button in the post drag attention of the reader to share or link the post to others. Attach social buttons on the sidebar or on the footer of a page. This drags the viewer’s attention.

Commonly used social buttons are facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus and so on. Try including at least four of them.
For adding social media buttons, add a Text Widget to the footer or sidebar. With HTML, include icons to the Text Widget, link them to social networking services.


Writing a post in points, sentences and publishing don’t make any sense. So consider all the tips discussed above to polish the post and get fame in the market. Blogging success can be achieved when the post receives more comments and backlinks. So research more about the given tips more particularly.