Top 5 Strategies To Help Drive More Traffic To Your Website In 2021


Ask any digital marketing expert about the importance of traffic for a website and they are likely to use terms like ‘life-blood’ or ‘heart’, etc. 

It would not be too far fetched to state that traffic is the most important metric when it comes to evaluating the performance of a website. While it depends on B2B and B2C companies, no one wants to have less traffic. 

In the recent past, SEOs, digital marketers, and brand experts were trying different strategies to boost traffic to their websites. 

However, given the recent update changes and metrics, it is important that people look at driving traffic to their website by opting for newer strategies. 

If you are looking at driving more traffic to your website in 2021, you need to follow the contents of the article and look to emulate some of the strategies. 

Why Traffic is Important for a High-Performing Website?

According to leading experts, the following are some of the major reasons why everyone wants to experience higher traffic figures- 

  • The higher the traffic numbers, the better are the chances of increasing queries. This in turn leads to more sales and queries. 
  • Websites, which have high traffic numbers are also organically favored by Google in terms of search rankings and placements. 
  • In order to judge the credibility of a website, great website traffic numbers are a must at all costs. 
  • Opens up more opportunities for collaborations, sponsorships, and endorsements if you make your business from the website. 
  • Contributes to branding in a major way and shows to people the popularity of a brand online and offline. 

While there are other advantages and benefits of traffic, the above five ones are the most popular. 

List of the Top 5 Strategies to help drive more traffic to your Website in 2021

  1. Investing in Quality Text Content- 

Every brand or SEO agency who works with content, needs to ask themselves one question- will I get convinced by reading this? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right track. If your answer is no (which will be 90% of the time) you need to start investing in quality content. This means long format, all original and highly optimized articles for blogs and guest posting. 

  1. Video Marketing-

Video is the future of content marketing and brands and SEOs, which have been able to make the move in this regard have been highly successful. Using videos on your brand website, social media platforms and other digital mediums are likely to allow you to get high traffic figures. This means that at no point, should you not look to take help from video marketing in 2021. 

  1. Niche-Based Guest Posting- 

For all your naysayers out there, Guest Posting still works wonders for driving traffic. However, the only change has been that rather than keeping the focus on multi-category sites, SEOs should look for niche-based ones. Studies have shown that targeted traffic from niche sites contributes heavily to sales and improving metrics. 

  1. Inbound Marketing- 

In the last few years, Inbound Marketing has taken off like a Space X Rocket! Bigger brands are working hard to attract audiences by educating and informing them on blogs. Publishers too are more likely to offer you the all-important backlinks for a blog article, than for your product pages. This is why it is important that the Blog Section of a website is nurtured. 

  1. Social Media Marketing- 

It is true that SMM is not as effective as driving traffic to a brand website as it was some years back. This is because the lack of organic reach on social media platforms makes any strategic planning impossible. Unless you are investing in paid promotions, you are very likely to see results. Having said that, there are some good merits if you are engaging your community. 

The Final Word

If your site is low on traffic, you can follow all the above strategies to ensure that you see some proven results. Driving traffic to a website is akin to giving food to a human being. The better the quality of the traffic, the healthier and more productive a website will become. However, brands that are not being able to master the basics should not attempt to move towards targeted and high-quality traffic from the start.