Use Comparium App for Cross-browser Web Testing.


There are numerous browsers currently available in the market. And if you own a website, it’s important to ensure that it runs on various browsers. It’s not worth it if your site fails to display on all kinds of browsers. A person should make sure that the website is displayed in all the available browsers, and more importantly, reflect all the features of your firm. Before presenting your website to the general public, it becomes crucial to conduct cross-browser web testing. This is essentially an application that shows and evaluates whether a site is compatible with the various browsers. The test helps and is done to detect and recognize any technical errors of your website and make sure it’s compatible with the many browsers available.  

What is Comparium Application?

Regardless, the Comparium App permits its clients to do cross-browser web testing easily. It often aids you to monitor your customers in regards to web application suitability across various browsers. Any person can utilize this app to save on time and cash. More importantly, it can help you to improve your company’s website subjectively as far as site performance is concerned.

Comparium App Features

Here are a few of the important features found in this comparium app:

• Web Application:

The app comes with special features like an Avant-grade web application. This is crucial and it helps a user to avoid examining the web browsers manually. A user may conduct cross-browser web testing at any time and in no time test if it’s compatible.  It a viable app spares both your time and cash.

• Browser Backup from various stages

Presently you can do free web testing on any conceivable stage. This will assist you in accessing any browser model, or OS. It permits your cross-browser web testing process to be conducted on various OS. The popular available browsers include Mac OS, Windows 10 and so forth.

• Backup For Multiple Web Browser Versions:

You can likewise execute your cross-browser web testing on any internet browser and OS-dependent on your own requirements. A portion of these browsers includes Safari, Firefox, and Chrome to name just a few. 

• Offline Reports using Email:

Comparium will assume the whole liability of your web testing. All you require is a considerable Email and its bolstering URL. A lot of screenshot web testing will be sent to the given Email. Henceforth, you don’t have to wait for a long time before the PC for the screenshots to be taken and showed on the monitor.


When you use this application, everything will be conducted on the app for free. As the updates are done live, they may accompany a preliminary and a pro version of the cross-browser testing usefulness. So look at how your site appearance with various browsers immediately and dispose of the considerable number of errors that are out there and get a pat on the head from your guests when they convert to clients. It’s a free to use app and, therefore, does not use any amount of money.