Welcome your people back to the office with a fresh look


When the time comes, there are going to be many who are glad to get back to the office after having spent a great deal of time working from home. Pokey box rooms, crumb-coated dining tables and cold garages have been used as makeshift offices during lockdown, and the opportunity to get back to the office and a more normal routine and environment will be welcomed by many employees. After such a long – and for some traumatic – experience away from the office, why not welcome them back with a fresh look. Here we look at a range of ways to welcome back the workforce and refocus their energy and productivity as they return to work.

1. A fresh coat of paint 

Nothing says ‘fresh start’ quite like a paint job. A new colour, or even just refreshment of the one that you already have, has the power to transform any room. Think about the atmosphere that you want to create when selecting a colour. Perhaps you want to go for something bold, bright and energetic that gets people’s minds buzzing and the ideas flowing. Or perhaps the type of work that happens in your office requires something softer and more serene. 

2. Desks and Chairs

By far the most important element in creating comfort and happiness for each employee, the desk and chair that they work with all day is something that needs careful consideration and there are plenty to choose from over at Office Reality. Buying employees new office furniture not only provides a fresh start and a fresh look, it also shows that you care for their health and welfare. After months spent sitting on folding chairs at their child’s desk they will appreciate the thought that you have put into selecting ergonomically designed office furniture. If you are redecorating to welcome back employees, think about selecting new desks and chairs that match your new colour scheme and add to the overall look and feel that you are aiming to create. New furniture creates a new feel and helps to encourage a fresh start. Office bathrooms often get unfairly overlooked, so consider updating that area as well. Getting new bathroom partitions can really transform the place.

3. Get a good coffee machine 

Nothing says ‘welcome back’ like a new coffee machine. They are so often the measure of a quality office and its leaders. Investing in a top of the range coffee machine to welcome back employees will have your people returning to work smiling and happy from the minute they step through the door. The office coffee machine is definitely not something to scrimp on as your employees will welcome the bragging rights it brings when they meet with friends from other offices. 

4. Motivational posters 

Some well thought out and carefully selected motivational posters displaying sayings or quotations that are relevant to your work can offer employees with a bit of inspiration and encouragement when they need it most. Buy a range, but don’t put them all up at once, and then you will be able to exchange and rotate them to freshen up the office periodically as the months go by and motivation starts to wane. 

5. Break area 

Make sure that you also freshen up the break area. Whether it’s by adding some new furniture, or sprucing up what is already there with throws and cushions, showing that you care about ‘down time’ and encouraging a bit of rest and relaxation will make sure that employees know that you care and that you are glad to have them back in the office.