What Is A Cloud Phone System And Why Should You Use One?

cloud system

Technology advancement is constant and businesses rely on it. A cloud phone system is one of many technological revolutions that have instilled valuable and distinct changes in different companies across industry verticals. 

As your business connects with new ventures, customers and prospects expect a quick response, preferably by a human voice. As a business owner, you need the right tools and support to be accessible and flexible to offer a human touch in your communication.

Cloud-based phone services have helped businesses streamline the practice of human connection in their communication.

What Exactly Is A Cloud-Based Phone System?

There are many kinds of traditional phone systems, with circuit switch  and public switched network services among them. The working mechanism for these types of system converts sound waves into electrical signals for transfer across a cable to the terminals. The signals pass are carried through terminals, fiber optic cables, and officesas light pulses. When a call reaches its destination, the light pulses transform into electric signals before turning back into sound waves. As a result, the receiver can hear your voice.

A landline has been a staple of communication for offices for decades. But with technical advancement, companies of all sizes, including startups and MNCs, are switching to cloud-based phone systems, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). These systems work differently than a landline.

A cloud-based system transmits your voice and other forms of data over the internet and shares it with various devices. This means it can connect with your computers, smartphones, tablets, and even traditional office landlines to give you the flexibility to work from any place at any time.

Why Use A Cloud Phone System?

VoIP systems have more features than a traditional one. Remote capabilities give your employees greater access to data and resources. Updates are available and made without the need for new or upgraded equipment. Software updates are easy to download and apply yourself.

Cloud-based phone systems can integrate with:

  • Sales Automation Tools
  • Web Applications
  • Email
  • CRM Systems
  • eCommerce Platforms
  • Quality Assurance Tools
  • Helpdesk Software

Feature availability is one crucial reason why businesses are switching to cloud-based phone systems. With a landline, features can be complicated to configure and are expensive. Cloud-based phone systems are highly flexible and features can be implemented without IT expertise. It’s possible to set up your cloud-based system in such a way that multiple devices ring at the same time, which significantly reduces the number of missed calls.

If your business makes frequent international calls, you can save on long-distance charges and even purchase local numbers in other countries to appeal to those customer bases. 

Cloud-based systems are an investment with a high return by saving on recurring telephone costs. If you are looking for a cloud-based phone system service provider, visit http://www.kall8.com/Cloud-based-phone-system