What Should I Get on My Custom Signage?


A sign may seem like a small item, an investment for a company, just something to throw up on the window of your business to perhaps catch someone’s eye. What people don’t realize is really how important they are to your small business. A sign not only will catch someone’s attention, but it may especially if you are in a high traffic area. Almost every single person walking by your storefront will read the sign and if they like what they read, it will entice them to walk in. That’s someone that would have never entered your store before if it wasn’t for that sign.

It can be hard to know what to put on your sign though. There are so many options to choose from and how should you know what it even should look like. Keep reading as the experts at Signazon explain exactly what you should get on your custom sign. You will finally have clarity after reading this blog.

Any event coming up

The first thing that you could have a sign up for is an event that is coming up. Are you hosting an event that you want people to know about? Make a sign that says the quick details or even the bare minimum details and the website they can go to to learn more. It can be hard to tell people about an event and get a hype going about it. You can let current customers know inside your store when they are purchasing something, but if they are not coming in there’s not a lot of really fast ways you can tell a lot of people about the event coming up. By having a sign up about the event you can basically be telling anyone that is walking in the direction of your store about it.

If nothing, state one anyways

If your business has nothing coming up that is of a lot of importance, you still should have a sign. If you have some items at the back that are 50, 60, and event 70 percent off, you can still advertise that there are items in your store that are up to 70 percent off. This will entice more people to walk through your doors. Although there may be slow times of your business, customers and future customers don’t need to know this. Make a reason for people to enter your business at all times with the use of a sign.

Something you support

If you support something in town talk about it. Perhaps you sponsor the local children’s soccer team. This is a great place to let others know you are a team player and help. People will be more drawn to you when you have a local vibe that supports others or other businesses. The same goes for if you are supporting a charity, a local charity, or anything else that could be a positive to your business that you support.

Locally owned and operated

If you are a local business, let people know! Just like supporting a local business in the area, people like to know if you are locally owned and operated, many people like supporting a business that is like that and it gives it more of a trustworthy feel. If your business is like this and is a small business and locally owned and operated, let others know.

Sale coming up

If you have a sale coming up that is huge and others should know about, let people know with the use of a sign. Although it’s not quite open yet, it may have people stop by your store to see what may be coming on sale in the future and end up of course at that moment become customers and it may cause people to make a note of it if it really does interest them. You are most likely putting a lot of thought and energy into your sale, might as well make everyone possibly know about it.

Your current promotion

Last but not least is the most important sign you can possibly make. What current promotions are going on in your business? You really want these to be shown as eye-catching as possible. Really bring in new business with this new promotion! If you have the same sign up all the time about your promotion it will get old. People will know there is not a new promotion going on right now. When you switch up your signs and have a new and catchy sign that talks about your promotion going on right now more people will notice it. Especially people that regularly walk down past your store will notice something new about your store. Keep them looking and keep it current, and more importantly, show what your current promotion is.

It can be a tough decision what you want on your sign however, with these tips it won’t end up being quite so difficult. Hopefully, now you also realize that it’s not just another sign it’s a huge part of the marketing in your business. It really will bring new customers in and showcase something you are excited for them to see.

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