Which Employees Are Necessary for All Businesses?


With so many day to day responsibilities that businesses must accomplish, efficiency and profitability can be pushed to the limit. Even the smallest of businesses often must rely upon the services of others, whether that be in-house or via suppliers, vendors, and contractors. Large companies often have entire departments staffed with dedicated employees who handle specific tasks, but not all companies can afford this luxury.

Nevertheless, all businesses have many of the same requirements – and need employees (whether part time or full time) who can fulfill these roles. As such, let’s examine the types of employees you absolutely need regardless of business size or niche.

Human Resources Personnel

Big businesses often understand the inherent role that certain employees play in meditating situations and tying all departments together. In many cases, this takes the form of human resources. These individuals are responsible for a variety of tasks: from maintaining payroll and conducting new hires to ensuring company policies are being followed and that disputes are handled properly.

Human resources recruiting – even for small businesses – is a necessary investment. While newer and smaller businesses may find it difficult to justify a permanent hire of this type, there are flexible solutions that can be considered. With both full-time, part-time and contracted HR hiring options available, overlooking this vital employee type isn’t negotiable.

Marketing Experts

Every type of business – whether targeting the general public or reaching out to other businesses – needs a comprehensive marketing strategy. Particularly important for small and new businesses, making a name in one or more niches is crucial to long-term success. Marketing is complex, and the variety of mediums and channels that now permit its use can make the process seem overwhelming.

Businesses that invest in marketing experts and employees often more than recoup their initial investments. This is because smart marketing strategies ultimately produce profit – whether it be executed on social media, television or elsewhere. A combination of permanent and contractual marketing experts can help businesses of all sizes reap massive rewards over the long term.

Customer Service Professionals

Whether a business deals with customers or clients, prompt and professional service is required. Handling everything from complaints to order inquiries, customer service professionals are a valuable asset for any business. Helping to facilitate communication and resolution, these individuals are often on the front lines of a business’ efforts to satisfy customers and clients from all walks of life.

While dedicated, in-house staff is usually the best way to enlist the services of customer service employees, there are other options available for newer and smaller businesses. Many customer service agencies provide temporary or permanent options for businesses that want professional solutions – but that cannot hire full-time personnel presently.

Even small businesses have a vested interest in contracting talent for multiple departments and niches. Regardless of whether the employees can be hired on a full-time or temporary basis, these three types of employees can produce substantial benefit for all businesses in their day to day activities. By choosing to enlist their services, businesses can continue to grow and become more productive with time.