Why Has Refinancing Become So Popular This Year?


This year has seen a huge surge in the popularity of refinancing, with a lot of individuals understanding the perks of this financing option. This article will disclose why refinancing has enjoyed such a surge in recent times, examining the coronavirus and other factors’ crucial role.

What Is Refinancing

According to finance experts Finbri, refinancing allows you to finish your project, obtain traditional financial resources, or sell your asset. You can accomplish all this when you are not prepared to abandon your bridging loan or development finance, but your loan term is ending. Refinance loans are forms of loans that help you settle a previous loan by accessing a new funding option. There is no shortage of reasons why refinancing might be worth considering, from getting a lower interest rate (APR) to enjoying a lower monthly payment. However, the popular reason for refinancing is that your initial loan term will expire before extended finance or an exit via sale is possible.

The Recent Rise In Refinancing

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted all aspects of modern human life since its inception. Brexit has also been a monumental change for Britain, affecting everything from transport to trade. The demand for refinancing has increased significantly in recent times due to the combined effects of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit. These two elements have shortened project deadlines. If done correctly, refinancing can be highly effective in such situations because it can relieve the pressure and enable projects to proceed without obstruction.

Material supply problems and labour shortages have negatively impacted construction time frames all around the UK. As such, several projects have exceeded the anticipated time and costs. This extra pressure can easily become a very expensive problem. Therefore, several people facing this situation opt for loans to help them navigate this challenging period.

Conversely, small to medium-sized businesses have encountered more significant challenges. These businesses typically do not have robust supply chains like their big developer counterparts. This reality makes the demand for ready cash even more crucial, and thanks to refinancing, these enterprises can access the money they need in less than one week.

The above-listed problems are still frequent even though the worst of the coronavirus seems to be behind us. Consequently, there will likely be more demand for refinancing. This reality is fascinating for brokers, companies and everyone involved, as long as it is completely the best course of action to take.


If you are interested in enjoying the many benefits refinancing has to offer, consider consulting a bridging loan expert first to maximise your investment. Many experts agree that now is as good a time as ever to proceed with refinancing plans. However, as mentioned above, it is essential to consider the pros and potential cons of refinancing to know whether it is the best choice for you. Consequently, consulting a professional advisor before refinancing is vital since they are well-equipped to help individuals make the best choices.