Why Website Design is Important for Your Business?


Hard to believe, but today there are still companies that do not have a website. A website with a clear goal is so important. Companies do use internet for various purposes like finding information of someone, doing social media activity, submitting government and tax related forms, etc. But a huge percent of businesses still don’t have a website.

Reasons for Not Having a Website

The reasons for missing websites are likely to vary from company to company. Some simply have no time to deal with the creation of their own websites. Smaller companies, start-ups and co. want to invest the time and the money more meaningful. Others are not familiar with the technology and the associated possibilities and therefore refrain from an Internet presence, without knowing what they actually lost.

But who says you have to go it alone? Of course, you could create your own website with the help of kits, but you have to bring a little technical know-how. If you do not have that, you should resort to professional help. One outstanding example is—WordPress. It is one of most popular content management system of beginners. You can take help of professional web designers from freelance portals like UpWork or find Top web design agencies.

But why is your own corporate website so important now? I would like to list the benefits here.

Advantages of own website

  1. Business Card

As mentioned above, people today mainly use the Internet to extensively inform themselves about products, services and their prices before actually making a purchase decision.

Anyone who presents themselves online with a website increases the chance to appear high up on Google, Yahoo, Bing & Co. Your website serves as a modern business card in this case. Here you can present your products or services in detail and provide your contact details so that potential customers can contact you or visit your local business.

  1. More sales

Point 1 may result in point 2. Anyone who presents himself and is found on the internet in the best way has the chance to significantly increase his turnover. Of course, sales are the main reason why a business exists. Without regular income, the company would not exist, at least not in the longer term. So go for it and profit.

  1. Contest

You’re probably not alone with your business idea. They have competition and probably not many of them. Are they present on the internet? Probably and then it will be high time for you to intervene. And then you make it better. Stand out from the crowd – be unique. Take advantage of your competitors’ mistakes to perfect your own page.

  1. Recommendation

Word of mouth is one of the most important advertising materials of any company. But nowadays in the online age, praise and criticism are often shared with the media. For this, of course, the respective company must be able to link. If that is not possible, you are more or less voluntarily renouncing these recommendations. You may also lose sales.

  1. Timeliness

On your own website, you can quickly add new products or make changes within a very short time. They always provide your customers with up-to-date information that is not available on any other medium such as a daily newspaper, advertising brochure, flyer, etc. An announcement in the newspaper or the printing of new advertising brochures also entails additional costs.

  1. Accessible around the clock

While a store has special opening hours, online presence allows you to be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – worldwide. Potential customers can inform themselves extensively and at any time about your products. Also questions that are asked over and over again can be answered in the “Frequently Asked Questions”. This saves you a lot of time and sometimes some nerves.

  1. Wanted and Found

You have your small shop in the middle of a big city center. For non-local people often a huge problem. With Google Maps you can easily implement directions for your customers. Simply enter the address on Google Maps, click on Share, select Embed cards, copy and paste the code.

  1. Getting Traffic From Various Sources

You can do an array of activities to gain traffic to your website and hence open-up new doors to get sales. The sources of traffic could be social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Communities, social bookmark sites like Reddit, Diigo, Delicious, file sharing sites like Pinterest and Flicker , and video sharing portals like Youtube. There are more types of sources from where you can gain traffic, such as forums and blog comments.

Having a website is always a strategic thing. You can get Google organic ranks and hence traffic. The organic traffic from Google SERPs converts very well. All you need to do is to apply some search engine optimization techniques and your website will show up in Google organic results with time.

Getting the information you need quickly means that the website is professionally designed with user-friendliness in mind. Said ease of use consists of a sum of certain factors that make navigating the web page easy and enjoyable for a user.

The design of a website is of great importance, as it directly influences the speed with which users find the information they are looking for. If this search turns out to be difficult and frustrating, a user will leave the website and continue searching on another website. This means a lost opportunity in a potential customer acquisition for the website owner. A good design is easy to understand and navigate. It helps users find what they are looking for, and thus helps increase the chances of direct contact or even purchase.