Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate The Power of Guest Posting


Many digital marketers do not realize how powerful guest posting can be when done on a consistent basis and especially when you’re producing great content on top of it. It’s a technique that provides a few measurable benefits and some that people may not be aware of.

It’s primarily an SEO strategy but also helps your website in other aspects as well. In this article we will go over some of the biggest benefits of guest posting and why you should be utilizing it in your monthly marketing efforts.

So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

 Builds Quality Backlinks

One of the most common benefits of guest posting on other websites is that it allows you to build quality backlinks. Guest posting is a very natural way to acquire backlinks from relevant and authoritative sources which helps with the overall SEO of your website. Google favors websites that are continually building backlinks because it portrays that your site is important, helpful and relevant to visitors. Any successful SEO campaign will have a link building strategy in place, and an excellent way to build links is through guest posting.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Probably the most impactful benefits of guest posting (if you’re focusing on SEO), is that it drives higher search engine rankings. Building backlinks to your website overtime increases your overall domain authority and aids in better ranking position in the search engines. We all know with higher search engine rankings comes more organic traffic for your website. Guest posting on the right websites, that have a strong domain authority themselves, can really do wonders for your SEO and organic traffic.

Increases Referral Traffic

Generally when you offer a guest post to another website, you are allowed to publish a link within the article (as stated above). This in return can generate increased referral traffic to your website from people clicking on your link. If you write a compelling article on a website that has many readers, there’s a good chance you will receive some referral traffic from your post. Also, if your article gets shared a lot on social media this really can have a snowball effect and provide you with an army of new/engaged readers.

More Brand Awareness

An underrated benefit of guest posting and link building is general is that it increases your brand awareness. Having your name, face, website and content spread across other website/blogs online can really impact your brand in a positive way. Any chance you have to get your brand in front of fresh eyes is an incredible opportunity. Guest posting is one of the best ways to increase the buzz around your brand and get featured on websites that have a bigger following than you do. This is a very low cost and sometimes even free method to expand your brand and build your business even further.

Those are a few of the major benefits when it comes to guest posting but let me leave you with a word of advice. You must be consistent in your efforts and seek out websites that have a decent domain authority for the best results.  Stay patient – this isn’t a strategy that gives you results overnight, but if you stick with it for the long-term, the improvements can be quite dramatic.